Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beauty in the Skies

Last night it looked like we were finally going to get some rain!  The wind picked up and the skies turned dark and the storm moved closer, it moved closed enough you could smell the rain.   It actually moved right over Cordell, but all we received was a small shower.  We weren't blessed with rain but something even more wonderful, a double rainbow.  The kids and I had just come back home from the Village, visiting Nanny and witnessed the most beautiful site! I wished for a wide lens but this picture will have to do for now.  It was a full double rainbow.  I laugh thinking about the kids.  After we got home.  They decided to head back out trying to find the end of the rainbow.  Parker was just sure there was a pot of gold waiting on him.  He couldn't understand why I wasn't willing to go with them and search.  When he returned, he said "Mom, we tried to find the end but we never made it that far! " 


I love seeing rainbows.   It just reminds me of what an awesome God I serve, it reminds me of his love, his promises, and his covenant with man.  Genesis 9:8-17 


Cindy's Cache said...

It was beautiful! Your picture is great! The courthouse was right in the middle from my view almost looked like a spotlight on it with the rainbow behind it! Awesome God!

Brian said...

I am guessing you purchased this camera before you husband turned into Dave?