Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last day at Nanny's House


Saturday we cleaned up the last of the old house. It was a great day spent with family, just a little sad.  I have my moments where I am so glad to be finishing up with the move and cleaning everything up at Nanny's house and then I have moments where I can't stop the tears from falling.  I know this is just a new chapter in a long, happily ever after story, but the house holds a lot of memories.  Birthdays, pool parties, Christmas, lots of laughs, tears, and sleep overs.  Too many memories for me to go over in a gazillion blogs.  (is that is even a word, sounds right to me)  I love this old house.  It kinda reminds me of that song on the radio now, The House That Built Me.  Not really technically my house, my home that I grew up in but in a sense I did grow up there.  I spent as many hours there as I did anywhere.  It was home.  And as I sit and tell about how special it is or was to me the tears build and roll down my cheek.

I tell myself it is just a house, the memories are with me. (As long as I'm lucid, which at the rate I'm going won't be long with these heathen children I'm raising.)  I try to move on, happy-go-lucky and remain thankful that I still have Nanny.  She is a true blessing and inspiration to me.  I love her so much.  She is such a special lady and has taught me many lessons about life. 

So now that I've cried enough that the screen is blurry, I'll leave you with the last two pictures taken on the front porch. 


Please everyone, this has to be a great picture, everyone stand still, get in your place, look at the camera, and smile!


Thank you God, for each and everyone of them!  I love my family!

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Cindy's Cache said...

How precious! Life is all about change whether we like it or not! Treasure everyday!