Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chris's New Shirt

While we were going through stuff at Nanny's last weekend, Chris kept saying, "Cat, we have enough stuff as it is. Please, don't keep that."  If I heard that once, I heard it a dozen times.  If it weren't Chris is was my sister saying it.  Chris and I have moved several times since we met and got married.  I think that every time we moved we left stuff behind.  Some of that stuff ended up in one of Nanny's extra closets.  As we were sifting through all of our stuff from her closet, we came across the dress I wore the day of our wedding (not my wedding dress, the dress I wore as we left the reception).  It was a pretty pastel yellow.  Why did I pick out this dress? Not sure.  (It must have been in my genes.) 

While going through all of the stuff, we came across the dress that my mother wore as her going-away dress.  You'll never guess the color!  Yep, pastel yellow.  Not only did she save the dress, she also saved the shirt that my dad wore.  Yep, yellow.  When I found all of these, the sentimental person that I am, I automatically put them all in the "keep" pile.  It wasn't just a few minutes into this keep, discard, donate discussion that I heard it.  "Cat, why are you keeping that again, tell me why?"  So, I started over through the "keep" pile again.  Trying to narrow the stack, I decided not to keep my dress.  I will never need it again and most definitely never wear it again.  I kept hanging onto the dress and shirt that were my parents.  I had an audience at this time.  My mother stood in front of me with the trash bag, Cara, standing next to me saying "TRASH IT!", and Chris on the other side saying "Cat, really?". 

I'm full of emotion from the days events and I guess in a moment of trying to make me laugh, Chris proceeds to put on the shirt of my dads just to see if it fits.   Chris kept cutting up and joking about how cool all this old stuff is.   After he puts it on, he decided he liked it so well, he would just continue wearing it.  After all this ridiculousness I decided not to keep any of it.  I mean really, who needs it?  (I confess, I do)  I can't decide, was he serious about the shirt or joking?  He wore it all night.  He even brought it home and had Paula wash it?  Have I corrupted him?  I'm worried.

        He asked me to take his picture.  I will share it with you.  It cracks me up.  I love my husband.  He is always good for a laugh when I need it the most.  Thanks Chris!

Oh, what a cute shirt!



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