Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day Two: Epcot



Another day, bright and early.  We spent another long day seeing the sites.  Our day actually started extremely early.  We were up before the sun on Friday.   We had a breakfast with Mickey at Chef Mickey's at 7:20 am.   To be there on time, we had to catch the bus at 6:30 am.  And these times are the Eastern time zone.  So getting up to be ready for us came really early, 4:45 am CST.  The kids were not receptive to this part of the day.  Once we got going, things seemed to go smooth. 

Chef Mickey was fun.  Not sure it was really worth what it costs.  The breakfast was really delicious with a huge variety.  The best part was seeing the Fabulous Five:  Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.




Chris was so excited, we could hardly tare him away from Minnie Mouse.


After the Under the Seas ride, there were several aquariums filled with beautiful sea creatures.  This starfish was really unique.  We have so many pictures, I have had a hard time picking just a few.  Hope I don't bore all of you too much. 


The seahorse tank was by far Madison's favorite.  She could have spent the whole day here.   This area was definitely one of our favorites.




Hollywood Studios


The first day in Orlando, we decided to tackle the Hollywood Studios. The kids were really pumped to get up and go the first day.  We were there bright and early.   The Little Mermaid was our first ride.  I should say our first line.  LOL  It was just one of many.  Soon, we were on to many more that day.  We closed the park down that night with Fantasmic and Toy Story.  We walked and ran many a mile and that was just Day One. 




Indiana Jones Stunt Show


Honey I Shrunk the Kids

This is one of my favorite films from when I was growing up.  It is funny though, this is one film my kids haven't seen.  They were loving the huge sized playground. 


One last picture before we left the park at closing had to be Mickey's sorcerer hat.  Awesome!


On our way!

Last Wednesday, we left the airport at 4:00 PM for Orlando, FL.  We are finally taking the kids to Disney World.  Madison has always wanted to go and see Cinderella's castle.




We went with a large group from our area.  This picture is a picture of all the kids that went with us.  There was a total of 30 people.  We finally arrived at the Orlando airport at about 8:00 PM Wednesday night.  Boy were we ready to get to our room.  We were so tired and ready to catch some zzzz's. 

IMG_3164 IMG_3163

We were so glad and relieved to finally reach our rooms.  There is only one problem.  No luggage.  We had the Magical Express Delivery from the airport and it was so magical that they didn't get it to us until about 1:00 am.   We can laugh now, but Madison was a little freaked.  Are you sure we can go to bed and it will come later?  She was too funny that night.