Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy Sunday

Cindy and Mike have a very prolific apple tree this year and brought me a huge bag of Granny Smith apples.  I decided today that I couldn't let them go to waste either.  I hate to see good fruit waste.  So today after lunch, I made Apple Crisp, Fresh Apple Muffins and Apple Enchiladas.  I don't need any of these desserts in my house.  I'm already fat as a toad.  But it is soooo good.  I have been busy, busy.  I love to cook, it is so much fun to try out all new recipes.  



For the Apple Crisp, I pulled information from several places to end up with this recipe.  I first looked to Pioneer Woman for inspiration.  She had a recipe for Pear Crisp and so I used it with a few modifications.  I combined it with a recipe from another book.  I think that it turned out good.  I just hope that I can duplicate it some time again. 


The Apple Muffins are a favorite of mine from childhood.  My mom used to make these a lot when I was growing up.  The problem is they don't look real appetizing.  They are so moist and get better after the first day.  (If they last that long.)  I am going to share just a peek. I am embarrassed because they look terrible.  You just have to taste them once to believe me!


The last picture is of the Apple Enchiladas.  I have only ate them one other time.  But with the last bit of apples I didn't know what to make.  I talked to my sister this afternoon and she recommended that I find a recipe and try these.  They are really good.  Why no one ever makes them is a puzzle to me.  I think that today's cooking projects turned out to be a success.  According to my family's praise it was a success!



Next time, I think I should probably freeze the fruit and save it for another time.  I am exhausted and a little tired of apples.

Peaches from Sentinel, Oklahoma

Friday, one of our customers from Sentinel brought us some peaches.  I was happy that she said I brought these for you and Cindy because fresh peaches are delicious.  I decided Saturday to make Bobby Flay's favorite peach cobbler.  I saw his wife make it once on Food Network.  Madison and Grammie were happy to help and started the water to boiling to blanch the peaches.  They got them all peeled, pitted and diced.  While they did that I got the crust together.  It turned out so yummy.  I forgot to take the picture before we ate it so, just so your mouth can water I will share the picture of after!  Not quiet so pretty. (Note:  none of the food I cooked this weekend is picture prepared.  Just real and delicious.  No contest could be won for how things look this time.)


Please remember mine does not in any way resemble the picture on the website.  Here is the link to the recipe.  Double Crusted Peach Cobbler


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sibling Love

Parker and Madi both love living so close to the Elementary school.  We drove them to school for a couple of days and they walked for a few days.  They decided that it would be much easier to ride their bikes.   Riding the bikes was a great idea until Parker had a problem with his bike.  Chris tried to work on it and it seems that a bearing in the rear wheel went out.  To remedy the problem, Madison decided she would be helpful to Parker by giving him a ride.  I love to see them being so sweet to each other. 


This worked for a couple of days.  We decided that this might turn into a fight or worse, a wreck, so we got Parker an early birthday present.  We surprised him yesterday when he got home from school.  He loves it!  He is so happy to have wheels again. 


My kids are growing up way to fast!

Before and After

After getting all moved in to my new house, we decided that the stove wasn't going to make it.  I do quite a bit of cooking and the oven door wasn't the easiest thing to open and close.  It actually opened well but closed with a bang.  So, I want to share the pictures of the new stove. 





The top picture also shows my new microwave.  It is just like the one in our old house just stainless steel.  I love it.  When we bought this house Nona had just put in the new stainless fridge and the stainless dishwasher.  Stainless steel is pretty but it may lead to the end of me.  Keeping it clean is no easy task.  Fingerprints show up so bad.  I decided I can't keep it perfect but I'll keep on trying. 

I'll post pics of the new house later.  I just realized I haven't done that yet!  I'm getting forgetful in my old age. :)

Moving Day

Saturday, August 21, 2010, was a big day for the family.  Nanny (Winona, my grandmother) is all moved to the Integris Village, here in Cordell.  It is a very bittersweet time for us all.  Nanny is going to be 86 this November and decided that the big house in Mtn. View was just too much to handle.  I am so very happy to have her as my new neighbor.  We have always been close and I am so glad to be able to have her near me.  My mom, on the other hand, is sad that she isn't just up the street from her.  I will miss her house.  It has sentimental value.  Lots and lots of memories made there! 

Time marches on, I guess, and nothing is exempt from this is it?

We all got an early start Saturday at 7:00 am in order to avoid moving in the 100+ degree weather.  Wow, even that early it was hot!  We did make fast work of loading the U-haul.  We were loaded and left Mtn. View by 8:40.  We arrived to Cordell and unloaded all before 11:00.  Nanny was instructed to sit and direct all of the boxes and furniture.  This is a hard thing for her to do.  Sitting still is not her thing.  


Guess what my favorite part of the whole move was?


I may have missed my calling! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5th Day of School

Most mothers would brag about the first day of school and post pictures of the kids at the doors of the school.  Not me,  I am a super dork!   Since we weren't here the first day we totally missed that one.  Then there is the rest of the story.   The third day of school, my children's first, I pack up the camera and we head to school. I get to the school and realize that the camera never made it to the car. I'll try again tomorrow.  The next day, being Tuesday, I'm so happy, headed down the street, camera in my hand, so I know for sure today, I am getting this picture of the kids at the school.  We get out of the car and the kids are like, "Mom, do you really have to do that?"  Yes, of course I do.  That is my job as a mom, to embarrass and harass.   Reluctantly they hurry to the front of the car where they are thinking no one can see them and they pose.  Cheese.  There we go, finally I got their picture on the first week of school.  Yeah for me.  I get home from work so anxious to look at the picture and blog all about how cute the kids are, how big they are getting, so on and so forth.  You know the drill.  At the very instant I get all excited about blogging, I realize that the SD memory card for my camera is in my computer.  I pull the camera up and take a look and guess what!  No picture card to store a picture on.  I missed the dang picture again.  Am I ever going to get this right?  I told you guys, I am a super dork.

Today is Wednesday, the kids 5th day of school.  And I finally did get there picture.  Not at the school, but hey, at this point I am glad to get any picture!


This morning Parker and Madi said "Mom are you going to take our picture everyday that we leave for school?"  "Of course,  I am documenting every step of your life, aren't you glad? " "Please mom, NO MORE PICTURES!"

What goes around, does in fact come around.  Huh mom?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh, How I missed you!

Is it weird to miss your flat iron and blow dryer?  I went for nine days without using either one of them.  You know how hard is is to let your hair air dry?  Especially with thick, natural curly hair. I was so happy to get to use them both this morning!  It makes getting ready fun.  I know I am weird, you don't have to say anything.  Before you make fun of me, you need to try to go for a week without a blow dryer.  It is not easy.  I promise.  Really try it, I challenge you!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Green Solution

We found a solution to my drying problem.  I have gone green in the laundry area! 


It is amazing how fast all of my laundry piles disappeared.  I wasn't always waiting on the dryer.  I have my last load left to fold and I will be all caught up!  Thank goodness for the power of the earth today.  The sheets smell wonderful.   I am so excited that I have this clothesline!

UGH, Laundry!

You would think that we had been gone for months.  The laundry piles are a little overwhelming.  This is all that I have left. 



That is after four loads.  It is taking longer to dry than it is to wash.  I really need that washer and dryer set that Kelly Ripa advertises.  I need it bad.  Then again, I should be thankful that I have the washer and dryer that I do.  If I had to do the laundry in the mountains I would be in trouble.  Modern day conveniences are something we take for granted.

I will get this done. Someday!  HAHA

Homeward Bound

We arrived home safely yesterday, or should I say this morning.  As it was after midnight on Sunday.  We left the cabin Saturday morning, spry and excited.  As we packed up it was a cool crisp 35 degrees.  It was a wonderful morning.  We headed out at about 9:00 am mountain time.  We were all packed and moving along.  We made to the highway and into Creede, Colorado.  Not to long after getting on the highway, Jerry started slowing down.  We thought maybe he was just pulling over to catch on last glimpse of the mountain valley before we left.  Nope, he was having pickup trouble.  Oh, my.  This made for a really long, stressful trip home.  We made it to Creede and did a little shopping.  Jerry said the truck ran fine until the engine heated up.  It wasn't over heated just running at the normal temp.  Now onto South Fork.  After pulling over a couple times, and traveling at the speed of snails we finally made it.  I feel like I am going to panic.  Breathe,  No need in getting worked up.  Finding a diesel mechanic in the mountains is not easy.  We stopped at a tire shop in South Fork, but he did not work on diesel engines.  Jerry said lets just try and make it to Alamosa.  Surely, there is a mechanic there.  On a Saturday?  Ok, Cathy, be positive.  I was trying.  But seeing Jerry worry, made me worry.  In between South Fork and Alamosa there are two smaller towns,  Monte Vista and Del Norte.  At one of these towns we pulled over and Jerry decided to try opening the fuel cap.  So we sat there a while and waited.  We loaded up and whatever he did to the truck, it helped!  We were moving at a normal speed finally and hoping to make it on home.  We traveled on like this for a long time and then it happened again.  Back to snail speed.  As traffic backed up behind us, moving along with flashers on, we decided to pull over.  We rested on the roadside, letting the pickup cool down and then we were off again.  At this point, we were almost to Walsenburg, Colorado.  All in all we only had to pull over one last time. It was between Raton, NM and Clayton, NM.  Out in the middle of nowhere. 

Jerry Trailer The middle of nowhere

This was our view most of the day.  Nothing for miles.  Seriously, out in the middle of nowhere.  Just all of a sudden after moving along a 65-70 mph we start slowing down and had to pull over.  At this point, I was a basketcase!  Are we ever going to make it?  The lights of home never looked so good.  To see the courthouse pop up over the horizon, was such a welcomed site.  Thank you God for watching over us and leading us safely home. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Living In Colorado? Could I?


Today has been the last day here in Colorado.  I love it here.  Lost Trail Ranch is currently up for sale.  I have done a lot of thinking today about possibilities for my future. (Maybe I should say our future)

Purchases, Relocation, Jobs, Money, etc.....

Could I relocate and live here?  Yes, I most definitely could.  Could I move here and survive?  Questionable.  I do love it here no question.  The rain, the coolness, even the cold and the snow wouldn't factor in on my decision.  I only ponder seriously about the kids and schooling.  The closest school here is oh let's say an hour and ten minutes.  Not really a possibility for a bus or driving them in everyday.  Home schooling?  I'm not sure if I would survive that. 

Today was an absolute beautiful day. No rain, no clouds, just a breeze and sunshine, all day long.  A nice 67 degrees for the high temperature.   Our friend, Laverne, and the two boys packed up and headed home to Shawnee, Ok.  They said that the temperature gauge read 32 degrees this morning, before packing to leave.  He said that the horses were shivering! And, ICE, yes I said ICE, everywhere.  On the grass and on the horses water.  So since they headed home, there goes Parker's ride.  So....he stayed here at the cabin with Madi, Tina, and I.  So... you see that my morning was not quiet and peaceful today.  Oh yes, the men did return but not until 2.  They only took a short ride.  Thank goodness, I was at my wits end by then.  It only takes a short time in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere, for me to lose my religion.  Oh please forgive me Lord.  I do love my children.  But it was a long morning.  This was the only day that both of the kids stayed here with me at the cabin.  I finally said, "Shoes on, coats on, you two ARE going outside."  Period.  No questions asked.  Don't drift out farther than you can hear me if I holler at you.  Of course, then again, why on earth would I call them back just to listen to arguing and fighting.  I decided since they were going out I also would go out.  So, I took my book and went out to sit on the deck.  Even though they were probably a full half-mile away I could still hear them.  Except their fighting changed to laughing and giggles.  Oh, how I love to hear them compromising and getting along.  What a wonderful echo of children's laughter in the wilderness.  They played and had a wonderful time.  (See, I do love them. I really do!)

After a short time, I called them and they came back to the cabin.  They had me walk around to the north side to show me what they had found.  As I walked around to see what they had found, Parker begins rolling this huge ball.  No, upon on second look it is a rock.  "Where did you find that" I said.  "Up the hill" .  "What are you going to do with it?"  "Take it home, mom, it is a geode!"  "Ok, fine, load it up." 

Souvenirs.  The best reminder of the trip!  I guess the geode will just have to be our little piece of Colorado, until I become independently wealthy, and purchase our own cabin. (Even if it is not a geode and turns out to be a big, plain rock.)


Eventful Thursday

Chris and the guys had a great day on the trail Thursday.  They ended up going up to Slide Lake.  This lake got its name from how it was formed.  At the very top of the mountain range is this huge rock slide.  During heavy snowfalls in the winter, the snow piles up and during the early spring months, the melt off causes a rock slide.  Almost like the mud slides that they show on television.  So at the base of the peak, a lake was formed.  And somehow, trout are in this lake.  I am not an expert on all of this.  If what I have put here sounds confusing, ask Jerry.  Or maybe Chris.  They can clarify.  I haven't been there, so I am giving all of this information to you second hand.  For sure it is not the gospel!  Haha  IMG_4294

This is Slide Lake.  You can't see the rock slide area that formed it in this picture.  But from looking at the mountain in the distance you can kinda get an idea. 

On the way up to Slide Lake, Chris and the guys did see some moose.  (mooses? plural)  Anyway, he saw a couple of them.  He did get a picture.  It may be a little blurry, our horses have yet to be trained in photography!IMG_4282

The best part about this trip was the trout that they caught and brought home.  Jerry cleaned them and we cooked them for dinner.  So we wouldn't starve to death out here if we stayed a little longer than we originally planned.  We could always eat trout!

Maybe no one would miss us back home if we stayed for a few extra days, weeks, oh heck maybe a month or two!  LOL


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lake City, Colorado

Yesterday, which would be Wednesday, we went to Lake City.  We left early after we all ate breakfast.   I slaved to put cereal on the table.  Two choices, Raisin Bran Crunch or Honey Nut Chex.  Like it or lump it! 

It takes us a little over an hour to get there.  The first thing that we do is find the restrooms.  This is a must as most of you that travel with children know.  After that, it was off to all of the shops.  The kids had money burning a hole in their pockets.  They first time through they shop and browse.  They don't spend much the first time.  So we make the rounds again a second time, because they have carefully decided what they are going to buy.  And those of you that know Parker, it took even a third time to reconsider his purchases.  The first thing he ended up buying was a package of Silly Bands.  He found the real ones here in Colorado.  They had a pack that was called a Cowboy Pack.  He thought about this for awhile and then gathered up two packs and headed to the register.  I said "Son, you don't need to buy two of the same type."  And to that he responded, "Yes I do Mom, I have to buy one for Nate and Jake, because they didn't get to come to town today."  :) (A proud moment for his mom) He is such a sweet and thoughtful boy.  He was only given so much money and he used part of it to buy his new friends some Silly Bands.  (I think he gets this quality from his mother, shhhh, don't tell Chris!)  His second purchase was for a Billion Dollar Bill.  It of course is fake money.  But he thought that this was an incredible bargain for a dollar. The change he had left over from that he put in a jar at the restaurant where we had lunch.  They were taking up a donation for the local pet shelter.  He then had $10 dollars left over, which he decided to save for another time.  I love this kid!  I love Madi too, but she shops non-stop.  She doesn't make such a big deal out of spending.  I told Chris to look out for when she is a teen!  We may be in trouble. 

As we were leaving the restaurant, it started another down pour.  It only rained for 30 min. or so and then the sun came back out.  While we were driving around, I stopped to take a few pictures of the local churches.   The First Baptist Church had an article in the local newspaper about its age. It was established in 1891.  The original building is still intact and maintained.  They have church there every Sunday. We went by and went in to take it all in.


The stained glass windows were beautiful.  It was such a serene moment.  It was so peaceful and quiet.  The next church was a Presbyterian Church. 


After buying a few groceries,  (Only the necessities; bread, milk, and ice) we headed back to the cabin.  As we approached the Rio Grand Reservoir Dam we started getting rained on.  It was a cloudy evening.  We stopped at the cabin just long enough to eat a snack for dinner and let the horses out before we drove up to Brewster Park in Jerry's truck.  We headed out and made it a ways down the road and another rainstorm moved in.  Jerry decided we had better turn back.  Getting to Brewster Park we have to cross two small streams and if it rains too much we wouldn't be able to cross back over.   We will have to try it another evening.   Turns out that it was a good thing that we headed back because it rained most of the evening and into night.  When we headed to bed it was still raining.

We woke up this morning to rain also.  The guys had big plans to leave out earlier this morning than usual because of theie chosen destination of Squaw Lake.  It takes about 3 hrs on a horse just to get there.  They were hoping to get in some trout fishing. 

We finished up breakfast and it started raining again.  They decided to put off leaving today for awhile.  The rain finally stopped and they headed out at about 11.  The sun was out and it looked liked a sunny day ahead.  Since they didn't get an early start, they changed their plans and decided to go to Slide Lake.  It doesn't take as long to get there.

I sit here at the computer at 1:49 pm.   It has been raining here at the cabin now off and on now for more than two hours.  I hope that the guys are staying dry. 

After a long hard day

It seems that elevation has an effect on a lot of us.  It sure does make it hard to breath.  And then, maybe from the lack of oxygen it seems to make us more sleepy.  It seems that most days we see quite a bit of this.IMG_4245

And this..


Again, disregard the look I have going here.  Not the best picture.  I wasn't expecting this photo op!  It was a hard morning for me. Cooking and reading sure does take it's toll on you! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Horseback Riding

After the guys got back their from ride from Twin Lakes, Chris decided to take Madison and I for a ride.  We rode north of the Lost Trail Ranch up in the mountain ridge to an area that Chris had seen the day before on another trail ride.  The area is a rock ledge.  It looks similar to rock formations I have seen before in caves.  The rocks have formed sort of a line and then some have pillars.  It is a very neat site.  We rode the horses up the mountain as far as we could.  And then we had to tie up and hike the rest of the way in order to get some good pictures.   Chris and Madison think that the rock formation looks like the top of a castle.  The first picture is from a distance.  The area we went to see is on the left of this picture. 

IMG_4240 IMG_4179

We took this picture after we got up closer to the ridge.  Don't look at this too close.  No electricity means no blow dryer or flat iron.  This is the roughing it look!  HAHA  We started hiking up to the ridge at the base of this tree line.  It didn't look to steep but after we got halfway up, I wasn't sure if I could go any further.  Neither up or down was too appealing.  IMG_4195

When we finally made it up to it, (Hallelujah!) the rocks almost look like someone had concreted all of this together.  It was really interesting.  Hope I'm not boring you all to death with this!  The color was also something rather different.  It looked green in color.  And when you touched it, it was almost the consistency of ash.  As you can see off in the distance of this next picture, we were very high here.  I could really tell from the lack of oxygen.  Madi kept asking why is it so hard to breath.  We tried explaining that the air is thinner.  And mostly because we are so out of shape.  Chris told her "yes, round is a shape but it doesn't help up here in the mountains. "  I laughed so hard after he said this and then I really couldn't breath.  


Not sure what the elevation is but let's just say high enough for this girl.  I was so thankful that I had a horse waiting on me at the bottom of the ridge if I can just make it back that far.

IMG_4196 IMG_4227

We stayed long enough to take several good pictures.  And the main thing was to stay long enough that I felt as if I wasn't going to die.  I don't think I would make it through the night and the thoughts of a rescue helicopter did cross my mind.  But how in the world would they find me up here?  


When I turned around to head down this is what I had to look at!  I really am not sure at this point if I am ready but a rain cloud was moving in on us, so rather that become all wet and soggy we headed back down.  Reluctantly, but I did it anyway.

We returned to our horses, thank the Lord they were where we left them.  My new trusty best friend, providing me a ride back down the mountain.  IMG_4219 IMG_4231

As we headed back, I couldn't resist these last few shots.  Providing my horse would stop long enough to take them.  Dusty realized that we were headed down and he knows he gets fed and rests at the bottom of the mountain.  It was a wonderful afternoon ride with Madison and Chris.  This is a Kodak moment. 

Thanks be to God.  He has been so good to me!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rainy Day in Colorado

Madi is singing Rain, Rain, Go Away today.  Yes, that means it rained here again today.  She is mad because it is more rainy here this year than last year.  This morning when we got up there was rainbow to the west.  It seems that about the same time every day it comes a really big rain shower.  The morning was a bit cloudy.  Definitely cool.  We have been keeping the wood burning stove busy in the mornings.  I love to sit and hear the crackling of the fire.  I love it here.  The weather to me is perfect.  Cool, not cold, and in the afternoon the sun falling in the west warms the cabin for the evening.  I have to stop adding wood about mid afternoon to the stove because if I continue it is too warm for the guys when they return from the mountain trails.  They are continuing to have a good time.  They fished yesterday at Heart (Hart?) Lake.  They promised to bring home dinner. But just as Tina and I expected....none.   Jerry says never fear he will provide.  But we all just laugh knowing that we may starve to death if we waited on him.  

The horses are acting a bit crazed.  Jerry's word of the week is Jughead.  At least it's not old Chinese Proverbs.  Last year he was full of them.  Tina continues to work on her quilt.  She is doing the edge and called it handwork.  Those of you who quilt know what I'm talking about.  Madi and her have taken time today to play Yatzee.  Madi worked on her math skills.  Hopefully she does well once school starts.  She has finished one book and started a second.  It is so nice and quite when we are all three reading and listening to the fire crackle.  We haven't done any hiking do to all the rain.  It seems to really come down at times.  The boys just made it back and my quite time today will come to an abrupt halt.  I will leave today with a cute picture of Jerry and his horse Dusty.  I can't help but look at this picture and not laugh. 


Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Highground Hideaway

After 14 hours of traveling and being cooped up in the car, the kids were so glad to reach our destination Saturday evening.  We arrived here at the Ranch about 5:30 CST.  They quickly went to exploring the area.  Not much had changed other than our location on the ranch.  As they were exploring they found a tree house.  You would think they had found a buried treasure.  They were so excited.  (please for those of you reading, don't mention to my father or Nanny that they are climbing this tree, they will freak)  The kids love it.  They both are getting really good at climbing for the short time we have been here so far.  Their only complaint is all the sap!  They have started a collection of pine cones and decided that the tree house was a good place to store them and keep them safe!

Did I say I didn't have much to share in my first webpost?  What was I thinking anyway?!!

 IMG_4065 IMG_4057

Madi has spent some time taking pictures and she wanted you to be able to see the view from the tree house. 


The view over our the top of our cabin. 


The pine cones.


Parker found all of these nails in the tree house and decided to nail them all in the wood so no one would step on them.  As if many people would climb the tree and step on the nails.  

Hummingbird Haven

As most of you know the hummingbirds are very plentiful here.  We spend a lot of time watching them, counting them, and trying to distinguish the varieties.  There are several types that are landing on our feeder but not sure exactly how many different ones there are!  They move way to fast.  This morning, while we sat drinking coffee, (yes, even I drank coffee,  aren't you all proud of me) I counted eight hummingbirds.  After the guys all left, Madison decided to go out and sit on the deck to watch the birds.



Out this front window, we have several feeders.  This deck wraps around the whole cabin.  This picture is the view from the living area looking out to the deck.  (just trying to give you a brief glimpse of the beautiful setting we have here at Lost Trail.)

Anyway, on with the story.  Madison decided to sit out on the deck this morning and watch all of them fly around.  While she was sitting out there one of the little hummingbirds ran straight into the glass and knocked himself silly (it may should read herself, not sure, LOL).  Tina and I ran out there as quickly as possible, as quick as we both could move, not to fast I'm sure , to see if the bird was still alive. It was just seemed a little dazed and confused.  Madi picked it up and held it until he got his bearings back and flew off.  It was such a cute little bird, I'm glad he made it through such a traumatic event.  Madi was thankful for the opportunity to be up close and personal with such a unique little bird. 

IMG_4086 IMG_4087

Relaxing Days

As I sit here in the cabin, watching it rain again, I am thankful that I packed my winter pjs!  I know that may seem funny to all of you that are experiencing the heat wave back in Oklahoma, but here there is no sign of heat.  I say that with exclamation.  I don't have a lot to share other than we are having a wonderful time.  Most of all it is relaxation at its finest.  Tina, Madi, and I enjoyed having a nice quiet day at the cabin yesterday.  We watched the humming birds, did a puzzle, read our books, watched it rain, and took naps!!!  Yes, I said it took naps and oh how marvelous it was.  The bed here in the new cabin this year is hard.  It seems that I can sleep better on the couch in the afternoons instead.  We have had some wonderful moments and hope to have some more.  It is still raining but now the sun is coming out from the clouds. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you where Parker was didn't I!  You were probably wondering.  No, I didn't leave him in South Fork.  Even though we considered it several times on the drive up here!  (Spilled pop, candy, etc....)  Laverne, Jerry's friend that meets us up here has his two grandsons with him and Parker and Nate are just one yr. apart in age.  They have hit it off really well, so Laverne offered for Parker to ride double with Nate on Jack!  Yep, what a great name, Huh, Jack!  So, they  rode yesterday and seemed to get along really well, except for just up the hill from camp they got bucked off.  One horse with two masters doesn't work to well.  Once they got all of the details worked out the three made it just fine to Brewster Park and back with no injuries. 


I tried several times yesterday to connect to the Internet and couldn't.  I talked to Forrest who lives here and he told me I could only get Internet if I sat in the back room here in the cabin.  Low and behold he was right.  I came to the back room, held my mouth just right and my computer found the Internet signal!!  Just shows you how modern technology is selective to area I guess.  Who knows?  LOL

I said I didn't have alot to share but it turns out I did I guess. Sorry!   I guess the lack of people to talk to really has had an effect on me.  My fingers are just typing so fast with excitement to tell you of all the happenings.



The view from where I am typing.  If you look really close you can see the rain dripping from the edge of the roof.