Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to School

Chris and I are going back to school this fall.  No, not really.  It is a actually a fun school.   Back in March, both of us read Total Money Makeover, after that we started a plan to be debt free.  (I actually only read 4 chapters but once Chris read it he was transformed into Dave, so I figure part of the book is better than nothing!)  Yep, totally debt free!  It hasn't been the easiest thing so far but a change for the better.  When we started we cut up every credit card and quit using our debit card.  We have switched over to a cash basis other than the money required for bill paying.

When we found out about the classes at the First United Methodist Church being offered, we decided that we would go.  You can never be overeducated in the area of finance.  I think that most adults could stand a little reform where spending is concerned.  I do have moments that living with the new Dave in my life is trying but for the most part it will be awesome to have no debt.  We do live on a very tight budget.  I mean really tight.  Again, I do believe it is worth it.   I do on regular occasion feel like I am going to scream.  I find myself saying to Chris, "If I hear Dave says one more time, I am going to punch something."  I would never do that but inside I feel that way.  I am not a violent person.  At least no yet.  I do need prayers, I need constant help from the Lord above to continue on this journey.  I know it is going to be a rewarding experience and in the end I know I will be thankful.    I also ask for prayers for everyone in our class.  I want them to be successful, to feel educated and to have progress in their financial situation.  I want them not to feel overwhelmed in the process but to feel accomplished!

If you ever get a chance to attend this class, I would recommend it.

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Amy Jones said...

Landon and I also do Dave ramsey. I think this is great!