Monday, September 13, 2010



More critters at our house this week.  This time it is a frog.  Parker and Madi went to visit Mike and Cindy Sunday evening while Chris and I were at Handbell practice.  Parker always digs around in Cindy's basement and ended up with a frog that he named Squeakers. ??  Who knows what this boy is going to bring home next.  Both of the kids just love this little guy.  My biggest concern is how long will he stick around?  Maybe it will be like the centipede, only last a week or so.  I hope that I can convince them to release him.  And soon!


Tonight, Parker and Madi have been on the lookout for frog food.  They have found several crickets and a few grasshoppers.  After they ate supper, they decided to go out and play with the frog for awhile.  While I am busy typing and getting blogs ready they decided it was too hot outside for the frog and brought him in to Madi's room to cool off.  

I told the kids it was time to get ready for bed.  I thought that they were both headed off to the bathrooms, when I hear them both in Madison's bathroom.  Parker is supposed to get in my shower and Madi in the other.  When I realize that they are both in Madison's bathroom I knew something was up.  I go to the hall and hear them discussing the frog.  I swing open the door as fast as I could to see that the frog is in the sink full of water.  "Mom, he was dirty and needed a bath." 

I never know what to expect next.  Stay tuned for the next event of the Johnson household.  I'll keep you posted!


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