Sunday, November 23, 2008


All this talking about deer hunting made me go back through all my old photos and pull out some of my favorite shots of Parker and Chris's deer hunting adventures.The first picture was taken on December 4th, 2004. This is Parker's very first time to go hunting with Chris. He just couldn't wait. Chris ended up carrying him most of the way. Just the beginning of their time hunting together. It really makes me sad to look back and reminisce. He was so little. Yet, he thought that he was so big. The second photo was shot October 4th, 2005. This was the first archery hunt for the two of them. and the last shot is from November 26, 2006. This picture has a story to tell. Parker was growing weary. He thought that they were never going to get a deer. This was the last night of black powder gun season and they had not seen many deer that night. Right
before dark one started moving in the distance. When Parker saw it, he said to Chris, please dad shot him. So Chris decided to keep him happy he would. This is the first deer that the two harvested together. Parker though that this was a monster buck. He was so excited. He wanted to have this one mounted. You know the old saying, Like father, like son. In this case it does apply. The two of them are definitely from the same mold. Hope you all have enjoyed these pictures from the past just as much as I did!

Cara's Deer ?

For all of the ladies out there, my sister has crossed the line. She has taken up deer hunting and putting me to shame. I'm sure the rest of you feel the same way. She has crossed a line I feel no woman should. This is a man sport. I think seriously, we should keep it that way. I am in the process of seeking her some professional counseling. I think we should all take a minute and pray for her. I'm certain she was feverish and ill at the time. Or maybe she was forced, held at gun point. Something, there has to be some excuse. LOL. No, in all seriousness she has decided to take up hunting. As you can see my nephew loves it. Since everyone else made the blog, I posted a pic of my brother-in-law's deer also.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Correction: He did get a BIG ONE!

I have to redeem myself and duly note the correction to my previous blog. Oh, how quickly I was corrected and ridiculed because I had made a mistake. Chris let me know right away after reading my previous blog that he was able to get one with his bow during archery season. I was wrong in thinking this one wasn't an important deer. This one is a big one because it was taken with a bow. I guess I'll have to work more on knowing the importance of game scoring.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deer Season

My husband is so very excited this week because, the rut is here! Some of you may be asking what is that. Well as the wife of an avid deer hunter I confess I did have to learn a few things about this. The rut is the time of mating for deer. I know your next question is what's that got to do with hunting them. Well, it causes the deer to move around more increasing the chance for shooting a monster buck.
I know, I know, it really is too much for me too. I don't like hunting. I have tried to get involved some. It is something that only the male gender of my family are interested in at the time. My son is as crazy about it as Chris. I just don't enjoy something that requires me to
#1. get up early, #2. be cold, and most importantly, #3. be extremely quiet. I find that most difficult at times. I am a talker. Or as I would say, I was born to communicate with others.
Chris has taken us all out in the deer blind once. I stopped to think about it and no, its twice. And I must admit that both times were uneventful. No deer is what I mean by that. Because getting two children out in a tent asking them to sit still and be quiet is truly an event. I think the whole idea for Chris is for it to be a family thing but I don't think that it's going to happen. Madi is alot like me. She doesn't see any reason hunt. We both have other things that we would rather do. I love family time, but I don't want to mix that with hunting.
This weekend seems to be a really big deal. Gun season opens, maybe I should say rifle. Not sure, oh well, its all just hunting to me but I'll keep you posted if Chris "gets a big one!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Roundup Sunday

November 9th was Roundup Sunday at church. They decided to throw in a theme and asked everyone to dress up for the occasion. It was really alot of fun. It was a nice change of pace. Everyone seemed a little more relaxed and enjoyed the day. After church we had a fellowship at the Activities Center with lunch and games.
We had time for a family pic at the alter after services. Parker wouldn't smile. We finally gave up trying. Our pastor even dressed up for the occasion. Missed the photo opp. though. The church was packed full. Some new faces, which is a really good thing. One of Chris's friends had brought the chaps and spurs for someone else to wear and it ended up that Chris wore them. He looked like an authentic cowboy. We all had a really good time and hope to do it again.

Women of Faith

This past weekend, Misty, Lisa and I all went to the Women of Faith Conference at the OKC Ford Center. We met other friends there from my hometown church in Mountain View. We always have a really good time and this one was no different.
My favorite speaker is usually Patsy. She has us laughing till we cry. But this year I enjoyed all of the speakers. There is usually one that isn't as funny as the others. Someone has to be serious, but they were all really comical and funny. I love to hear the stories about their lives. They all have such a way of story telling. The music wasn't just good this year it was AWESOME! Nicole C. Mullen performed Friday night and it was truly moving. I have never felt this way in response to a musical performance. She had everyone up and moving literally. And there was also Sandi Patty and Mandina. They were great too! I just loved the performance by Sandi and her husband. I don't remember the name of the song but it was another moving performance. Her husband's part was in another language, so I have no idea was he was saying but the two of them singing together was a tear jerker. I've never understood why anyone would enjoy opera because it's in a different language but now I understand. It was Wonderful!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Change of Opinion

When I was 15, I went to take the driving test in order to get my permit. Little did I know that there would be questions about organ donation once I passed and they started to make my license. Organ Donation? What in the world? I guess I had been in the dark up until this point. They gave me a form and asked me to read it and then to check a box. Needless to say I was a little scared. I checked no quickly and went on my way. Give someone my organs? No way! This was the last I thought about this until I renewed my license again sometime later. Again, I thought no way am I checking that box yes now. I guess I thought if I checked it now God might really need my organs and then my time would come sooner. I know these thoughts are not rational. I'm just a little crazy sometimes. Anyway, I had always said to my family I really don't think that I want to be an organ donor. It just always freaked me out a little until recently. Now to get the the reason for this blog.

My cousin, Lori, that is 11 years older than me, decided she wanted to lose weight. We all can empathize with her in this area I'm sure. I know I can. Who reading this hasn't wished a dozen times to be thinner. Well, when she went to the doctor for advice, she was given a prescription for a diet drug. After taking this she did lose weight, but little did she know that she would be in that percentage that would experience drastic side effects. (Not really bashing pharmaceuticals, just feel that she was seriously injured by these.) Several years after she had taken these drugs she was diagnosed with PPH. This is a condition that seriously effects the lungs and heart. She had lived with PPH for around 7 years. She did use several medications that helped her. It wasn't until these drugs stopped working that she faced the hardest times of her illness. She was so very sick. I'm not sure any of us realized how sick she really was. But on September 3, she received a call she thought would never come. She had recently been placed on the lung transplant list and was notified that they had a set of lungs. This was a very moving day for her and the whole family. Life is such a precious thing. But without someone else losing their life she would not be able to live today. Thanks to God above, and thanks to a generous woman in Oklahoma, Lori now has a new set of lungs. She is doing well and is feeling better every day. It is still a long road ahead for her in the recovery process. Because of this experience, I have now decided organ donation is the only way you can help someone on this earth after you die. When I go home to meet my maker, you can have all my organs. I will be in a better place and will not be needing them anymore. If you are not an organ donor, please just think about giving life to someone else and maybe you too can change your opinion on organ donation.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Costumes

As promised, a picture of the kids on Halloween. Parker really has to act like the character anytime he dresses up. Madi was a little upset that Parker was being so dramatic about the picture. She kept making me take it over. She'd say mom Parker is getting in my way.
Parker really loves to dress the part anytime he does anything. This summer for Pee Wee Baseball he had to have the black under his eyes. Just like the pros. We have to have batting gloves. They are a must. He says they will help him to hit a home run. For playing football in the yard he needs pads, a helmet, and a jersey. He is very serious about all things. I just laugh at him. It's so cute.
Madison loves to dress up too. She just isn't as particular as Parker.