Monday, September 6, 2010

Truck Full of Treasure


After cleaning out Nanny's house, I ended up with lots of unique and antique, vintage treasures.  My sister, Cara, would say it's all trash and junk but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I, myself feel that I have found a ton of cool stuff.  They don't make good junk like this anymore.

I'll share a few of my favorite things that made its way to my house. 


I know its a little dusty, just imagine it cleaned and painted white.  I think it will make a good bedside table. Nanny and my mom called this a gossip bench. I can't wait to redo it and see the difference it will make.


These are just too cute.  Will I ever use them?  I'm not sure.  They all still work, aren't  cracked or messed up.   Vintage, definitely. Trash, no way.  Sorry Cara that you didn't get these.  Some day you will wish that you had these.  I also made it home with and old trunk and suitcase.  I will share the pictures when I get them all cleaned up.

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