Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Remodeling: A job that never ends!!

When Chris and I bought our house two years ago we new that there would be some things we should do to improve the house. We bought this house because it was a fixer-upper. I say this now laughing a little. I should have said we bought this house with the intentions of just doing a few things. When we first moved in we knew the laundry room would definitely be a priority. When Chris was connecting the washer he found that after he turned on the water valve there was a small leak. So quickly, he turned it off to find that the leak was now worse. It wouldn't stop. So as we were unpacking things and trying to clean, he tells me we must have the water shut off until this leak is fixed. He found help at the Ace and stopped the leak so we could turn the water back on. The laundry room remodel lasted approximately one month. We ended up with a whole new laundry room. And I was so glad that I didn't have to go to the laundry mat anymore. Gross!

Second on my list was the kitchen. After we started on the laundry room we soon found out that we had some plumbing issues. And the problems with plumbing continued in the kitchen. We were lucky to have a new sink and dishwasher installed. When Terry's Appliance was here installing the dishwasher they called us at work to let us know that when they were disconnecting the old one that all of the plumbing under the sink had fallen. I guess the disposal was so old that the fittings rusted out and just a little jar here and there caused a great catastrophe. What a mess.
It is so funny how things go with a remodel job. One thing leads to another and so on. We ended up doing the master bath soon after the laundry room and kitchen. Once those three things were done we took a break. We soon got started again. First was the living room floor. Right after Christmas we installed laminate floor in the living room and down the hallway. After we finished there Chris decided he had put off Parker's bathroom too long and started working in it. We finished it last week. And I am so glad it is done. Parker is really happy too. When this house was built, I believe this bath was off of the master bedroom. It is just a half bath with the toilet and vanity. It is really small but just perfect for him. He loves it now. Before we finished Parker's bathroom we started demolition in the hall bath. This is that bathroom that Madison and I use the most. We call it ours. Everyone else was afraid of it before. It was in great need of a remodel. Hope you enjoy the pics. Chris and I are always so proud of the progress we make and to see the before and after pics always gives you a sense of accomplishment.
We realize that after all the work that we always failed to take a good before picture. I contacted our real estate lady to get some of the before pics. None of my pics are great. Wish I had better ones. The last pics are of Chris's bathroom. I have the before of the vanity and and shower door. We ripped out that shower and installed a jacuzzi tub. We had to move some walls but the tub is really nice. I don't have pics yet of the current job. I will post them as soon as we get done! Hope it is soon.