Monday, September 6, 2010

Beach Getaway

At our last house, I painted my bathroom a beach house blue and put all of my beach stuff there.   I loved the beach feel so much, here at the new house I decided to transform my bedroom into my own beach getaway.  I  used all of the shells I picked up on different vacations, pictures we took snorkeling and our family picture that we had made on the beach last summer.  Today I finished it up by hanging curtains.  I've been on the search for awhile and finally found them.  I love Target!  Just the exact shade I was looking for. 


     IMG_4448 IMG_4449

     IMG_4450 IMG_4452


So now the question is do I paint?  I really like the clean look of white.  But.......the whole house here is white! (Chris said he smells a revamp coming.)  I don't know what to do.  I need suggestions.  Help me out.  Paint or No Paint?

I think the picture taken this evening shows the curtains better.



Cindy's Cache said...

Love it! Makes me want a vacation! You know me I am a fan of white!

Brian said...

I say paint. White is for OLD people. "Sorry Cindy" :) Hey is that "My Lady" in that picture frame?

Cathy said...

Brian it is "My Lady" in the shadowbox. She was just too special not to display. What did you do with yours? I know you still have it, you keep things like I do.

Brian said...

Yep we still have "My Lady's" baby sister and big brother on the entertainment center. Have to keep good junk.