Saturday, September 11, 2010

Missing My Slow Cooker

I know this may sound so strange to blog about my slow cooker but I was going to make Taco Soup today and I can't.  The cool weather moving in this morning made me think of soup and easy one pot cooking.   I have an awesome red Crock-Pot just like the one pictured below.  Just one important part is missing.  The crock. 

You see the story begins with a warm, June day, when I started a yummy recipe of Cheesy Crock-pot corn.  It is a great recipe.  I'll share it later.  Anyway, I got it all cooked and headed to the family reunion.  After the corn was all gobbled up I washed it and carried it out to my car.  I put it in the back of the Acadia.  After the reunion, we decided to head to Weatherford for a little shoe shopping.  We got our shoes purchased and proudly carried our purchases out to the car.   Without a second thought, we just popped up the rear door on the Acadia and crash, boom, and a ouch.  You see, traveling had caused the contents of the car to shift.  And opening up the rear door allowed the crock pot to come crashing down onto my sister's foot.  It hurt me just as much as it hurt her.  I have strange love for my crock pot.  It actually saves my life on a regular basis during the busy soccer season.  SO.....................................................

I guess I need to get online a order a replacement part.  I will do that first thing tomorrow, if I don't forget.  I may need a reminder.  Someone text me tomorrow so I remember to get this ordered!


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