Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Madi's Cat


A new friend showed up at our house this past weekend.  Madi has really been busy busy taking care of her new baby, as she calls her.  I don't think I recall a more tame cat.  She carries her everywhere.  She even takes her riding bikes.  Madi has a doll carrier that she declares is just perfect for the cat.  She doesn't have a official name yet.  I'm just afraid she won't stick around and Madi will be devastated.  For 3 days now she has spent all of her time with the new cat.  This morning she was up at 7:30 to check on her and feed her.  She must have been someone's house cat because she just sets at the door and meows.  It is like she is saying hey, will someone just open the door and let me in.  I myself don't mind having her around.  I think she is pretty cute and Madi has been wanting a pet of her own, so she feels that this is the answer.  I guess we will see.  She has been begging for her to come in at night and her dad is very adamant about her remaining an outside cat.  I guess time will tell who will win this battle.



Sunday, July 26th, 2009

This past Sunday was a very special one for our family.   This summer both of our children made decisions to give their hearts to the Lord, Jesus Christ.    After going forward at church to share their decision they both decided to follow in believers baptism.  I can't explain the feeling.  Overwhelmed but relieved, excited yet teary eyed.   It was an awesome day!

 IMG_1878IMG_1879    IMG_1880


My Birthday

This year my birthday was a very special one.  The kids made me a birthday cake.  I just had to share the photos of this one.  It was so sweet.  Madi planned this for a week.  She kept saying " Mom if we decide to cook this week Dad said it was ok.   We'll clean up our mess, I promise."  She just couldn't wait to give it to me.  She was so proud.  It made it such a special day.  I was also blessed to share an evening out with some very special friends.  Mike and Cindy took our family and Billy and Sharon out to eat at Simon's Catch.   Bill and Sharon don't get to go out very often and were thrilled at the chance to go.  Cindy arranged it all and it was a very memorable evening.  Sometimes we don't realize what God has blessed us with.

 IMG_1868 IMG_1869



Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation Time


I have been absent for a while.  Not only did we take a much needed vacation, I also took a long vacation from blogging.  I wished everyday on vacation for my laptop to capture the moments that I didn't want to ever forget.  I hope that all the pictures we took while we were in Mexico help me to recall all of the very special moments we had. 

We left the last week of June and headed to the Riviera. We actually stayed approximate 1.5 hrs south of Cancun.   A tropical, Caribbean vacation is definitely the  answer. To kick back, relax, and forget all your worries (even with your kids!)is priceless.   We had the most wonderful time.  It was a trip of many firsts for our family.  The kids had never flown.  That was a great experience.  They had also never seen the beach.   They just couldn't believe how clear the water was, and why its salty they never came to a conclusion for that one.   Not only was it a trips of firsts for the kids but Chris and I also had a first.  Snorkeling with the sea turtles was something I've only dreamed about.  I am an animal lover of all sorts.  I love the turtles, they are so cool.  I have so many pictures I'm not sure which to share first.   We went walking the beach one night after dinner and walked up on this turtle that was up on the beach.  It was turtle nesting season while we were there.  They say that the turtles come up on the beach during the full moon to lay eggs.  The resort we stayed at has partnered with the CEA in Mexico to help protect the sea turtles.  We visited with a man that worked there and he shared a little about the project and then showed a bucket that was full of baby turtles that had just hatched.  They move all of the nests to an area on the beach that is blocked off in order to collect the babies and take them to a special place in Akumal.