Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy Sunday

Cindy and Mike have a very prolific apple tree this year and brought me a huge bag of Granny Smith apples.  I decided today that I couldn't let them go to waste either.  I hate to see good fruit waste.  So today after lunch, I made Apple Crisp, Fresh Apple Muffins and Apple Enchiladas.  I don't need any of these desserts in my house.  I'm already fat as a toad.  But it is soooo good.  I have been busy, busy.  I love to cook, it is so much fun to try out all new recipes.  



For the Apple Crisp, I pulled information from several places to end up with this recipe.  I first looked to Pioneer Woman for inspiration.  She had a recipe for Pear Crisp and so I used it with a few modifications.  I combined it with a recipe from another book.  I think that it turned out good.  I just hope that I can duplicate it some time again. 


The Apple Muffins are a favorite of mine from childhood.  My mom used to make these a lot when I was growing up.  The problem is they don't look real appetizing.  They are so moist and get better after the first day.  (If they last that long.)  I am going to share just a peek. I am embarrassed because they look terrible.  You just have to taste them once to believe me!


The last picture is of the Apple Enchiladas.  I have only ate them one other time.  But with the last bit of apples I didn't know what to make.  I talked to my sister this afternoon and she recommended that I find a recipe and try these.  They are really good.  Why no one ever makes them is a puzzle to me.  I think that today's cooking projects turned out to be a success.  According to my family's praise it was a success!



Next time, I think I should probably freeze the fruit and save it for another time.  I am exhausted and a little tired of apples.

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