Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday, October 18, 2010


Saturday was a busy day for us.  Madison had two soccer games. Both of Parker's were postponed until the next week.  I guess I am a little late on posting this, because another Saturday has passed since I started this.  Madison has a new team this year.  She is part of the Comets team.  They have three games in all and have won all three.  I am so proud of Madison.  She played so good!  She actually scored in both games!!  Nanny has tagged along with us to all of the games so far.  I know we are about to wear her out.  We have to walk a lot and it hasn't been so cool at any of the games so far.  I just love this picture of her.  I really think she resembles her dad.  She looks like him more and more everyday.




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Cara said...

I'm proud of my niece also!!! Glad u all r getting to enjoy having nanny so close! Makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Love u All