Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yummy Tri-Tip

Bake the tri tip and let it rest.

Chris cooked dinner tonight.  It was marvelous. 
#1.  I didn't have to cook.

#2. It was tri-tip. 

I don't know how many of you have tried this.  (you may have discovered this before me) But I just discovered this fabulous meal several summers ago when my relatives from California visited and cooked for us.  (Yes, some good things do come from California.)  It is delicious cooked slow on the grill.  They do a lot of grilling.  All three of the husbands do a lot of cooking and grilling.  They brought this with them because it is one of their favorite things to cook.  They said that they find it at Costco.  Not having Costco here in Oklahoma I have been shopping everywhere, looking for this cut, vacuumed sealed, prepackaged, and pre-seasoned like this.  So last weekend when we went to OKC, while shopping at Sam's a miracle occurred.   I will share the blessed event with you. 

While browsing the meat section I spot it, the sky opened up, the bright lights were shining down from the heavens, the angels began to sing and were shouting Hallelujah.  (This maybe a tad bit over exaggerated.  I do get excited over little things, please forgive me.)  I turn, looking for Chris and spot him over at the next meat counter and I shout, "Chris get over here you are never going to believe what I just found".  I wish I could say he scurried right over to the buggy but I figure I may have embarrassed him.  Not that I made a scene in public!  Not me, ever!  It was so exciting to finally find some.  This wasn't exactly like what they had brought to us.  What they buy is called Santa Maria Style Tri-tip.  This was Peppercorn-Garlic.  No matter what the seasoning it was delicious.  I hope that if you haven't tried cooking this that you do and see what you think. Grill it and cook it on low and slow.  It will get a little more charred than the picture above but that is just how it is when cooked on the grill.  Once the meat thermometer reaches the right temperature, I recommend removing it from the grill, wrapping it in foil and allow it to rest for at least 10-20 minutes if at all possible to wait that long to dig in.  Good luck and happy grilling!

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