Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Episode of Design on a Dime

My latest project started this weekend.  Chris and I were sitting on the front porch, enjoying quiet time together, when I noticed how dirty the light was.  I talked Chris into taking it down so we could clean it up a little.  I worked on it a while and mentioned painting it. I don't know how a bird had any room to perch up there and leave so much poo.  Sorry, as PW says "Just keeping it real".IMG_4458  

Chris said we should just stop and put it back up.  He said "We can just buy a new one, that it would be alot easier."  I IMG_4463almost passed out hearing him say this.  Since he transformed into his new Dave persona, you never here let's buy a new one.  The real shocker is I was determined to make this light look like new.  I knew it would look better I just wasn't sure how much better.   It was disguisting how dirty it was.  I couldn't believe it once I got it down and started cleaning it.  It is a wonder the porch was lit at all when it was on.  The glass was so filthy, you couldn't see through it.  After I got it all taken apart I convinced Chris to do the spray painting.  I always seem to end up with runs.  It makes me too nervous.  I didn't want to screw it up at this point, besides I am saving money!  Yeah for me.  Aren't you all so proud of my new frugal attitude?  I think that it turned out as good as new! 

IMG_4460 IMG_4464

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