Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eventful Thursday

Chris and the guys had a great day on the trail Thursday.  They ended up going up to Slide Lake.  This lake got its name from how it was formed.  At the very top of the mountain range is this huge rock slide.  During heavy snowfalls in the winter, the snow piles up and during the early spring months, the melt off causes a rock slide.  Almost like the mud slides that they show on television.  So at the base of the peak, a lake was formed.  And somehow, trout are in this lake.  I am not an expert on all of this.  If what I have put here sounds confusing, ask Jerry.  Or maybe Chris.  They can clarify.  I haven't been there, so I am giving all of this information to you second hand.  For sure it is not the gospel!  Haha  IMG_4294

This is Slide Lake.  You can't see the rock slide area that formed it in this picture.  But from looking at the mountain in the distance you can kinda get an idea. 

On the way up to Slide Lake, Chris and the guys did see some moose.  (mooses? plural)  Anyway, he saw a couple of them.  He did get a picture.  It may be a little blurry, our horses have yet to be trained in photography!IMG_4282

The best part about this trip was the trout that they caught and brought home.  Jerry cleaned them and we cooked them for dinner.  So we wouldn't starve to death out here if we stayed a little longer than we originally planned.  We could always eat trout!

Maybe no one would miss us back home if we stayed for a few extra days, weeks, oh heck maybe a month or two!  LOL


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Cindy's Cache said...

You would be missed by us for sure!