Monday, August 9, 2010

Relaxing Days

As I sit here in the cabin, watching it rain again, I am thankful that I packed my winter pjs!  I know that may seem funny to all of you that are experiencing the heat wave back in Oklahoma, but here there is no sign of heat.  I say that with exclamation.  I don't have a lot to share other than we are having a wonderful time.  Most of all it is relaxation at its finest.  Tina, Madi, and I enjoyed having a nice quiet day at the cabin yesterday.  We watched the humming birds, did a puzzle, read our books, watched it rain, and took naps!!!  Yes, I said it took naps and oh how marvelous it was.  The bed here in the new cabin this year is hard.  It seems that I can sleep better on the couch in the afternoons instead.  We have had some wonderful moments and hope to have some more.  It is still raining but now the sun is coming out from the clouds. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you where Parker was didn't I!  You were probably wondering.  No, I didn't leave him in South Fork.  Even though we considered it several times on the drive up here!  (Spilled pop, candy, etc....)  Laverne, Jerry's friend that meets us up here has his two grandsons with him and Parker and Nate are just one yr. apart in age.  They have hit it off really well, so Laverne offered for Parker to ride double with Nate on Jack!  Yep, what a great name, Huh, Jack!  So, they  rode yesterday and seemed to get along really well, except for just up the hill from camp they got bucked off.  One horse with two masters doesn't work to well.  Once they got all of the details worked out the three made it just fine to Brewster Park and back with no injuries. 


I tried several times yesterday to connect to the Internet and couldn't.  I talked to Forrest who lives here and he told me I could only get Internet if I sat in the back room here in the cabin.  Low and behold he was right.  I came to the back room, held my mouth just right and my computer found the Internet signal!!  Just shows you how modern technology is selective to area I guess.  Who knows?  LOL

I said I didn't have alot to share but it turns out I did I guess. Sorry!   I guess the lack of people to talk to really has had an effect on me.  My fingers are just typing so fast with excitement to tell you of all the happenings.



The view from where I am typing.  If you look really close you can see the rain dripping from the edge of the roof.

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