Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lake City, Colorado

Yesterday, which would be Wednesday, we went to Lake City.  We left early after we all ate breakfast.   I slaved to put cereal on the table.  Two choices, Raisin Bran Crunch or Honey Nut Chex.  Like it or lump it! 

It takes us a little over an hour to get there.  The first thing that we do is find the restrooms.  This is a must as most of you that travel with children know.  After that, it was off to all of the shops.  The kids had money burning a hole in their pockets.  They first time through they shop and browse.  They don't spend much the first time.  So we make the rounds again a second time, because they have carefully decided what they are going to buy.  And those of you that know Parker, it took even a third time to reconsider his purchases.  The first thing he ended up buying was a package of Silly Bands.  He found the real ones here in Colorado.  They had a pack that was called a Cowboy Pack.  He thought about this for awhile and then gathered up two packs and headed to the register.  I said "Son, you don't need to buy two of the same type."  And to that he responded, "Yes I do Mom, I have to buy one for Nate and Jake, because they didn't get to come to town today."  :) (A proud moment for his mom) He is such a sweet and thoughtful boy.  He was only given so much money and he used part of it to buy his new friends some Silly Bands.  (I think he gets this quality from his mother, shhhh, don't tell Chris!)  His second purchase was for a Billion Dollar Bill.  It of course is fake money.  But he thought that this was an incredible bargain for a dollar. The change he had left over from that he put in a jar at the restaurant where we had lunch.  They were taking up a donation for the local pet shelter.  He then had $10 dollars left over, which he decided to save for another time.  I love this kid!  I love Madi too, but she shops non-stop.  She doesn't make such a big deal out of spending.  I told Chris to look out for when she is a teen!  We may be in trouble. 

As we were leaving the restaurant, it started another down pour.  It only rained for 30 min. or so and then the sun came back out.  While we were driving around, I stopped to take a few pictures of the local churches.   The First Baptist Church had an article in the local newspaper about its age. It was established in 1891.  The original building is still intact and maintained.  They have church there every Sunday. We went by and went in to take it all in.


The stained glass windows were beautiful.  It was such a serene moment.  It was so peaceful and quiet.  The next church was a Presbyterian Church. 


After buying a few groceries,  (Only the necessities; bread, milk, and ice) we headed back to the cabin.  As we approached the Rio Grand Reservoir Dam we started getting rained on.  It was a cloudy evening.  We stopped at the cabin just long enough to eat a snack for dinner and let the horses out before we drove up to Brewster Park in Jerry's truck.  We headed out and made it a ways down the road and another rainstorm moved in.  Jerry decided we had better turn back.  Getting to Brewster Park we have to cross two small streams and if it rains too much we wouldn't be able to cross back over.   We will have to try it another evening.   Turns out that it was a good thing that we headed back because it rained most of the evening and into night.  When we headed to bed it was still raining.

We woke up this morning to rain also.  The guys had big plans to leave out earlier this morning than usual because of theie chosen destination of Squaw Lake.  It takes about 3 hrs on a horse just to get there.  They were hoping to get in some trout fishing. 

We finished up breakfast and it started raining again.  They decided to put off leaving today for awhile.  The rain finally stopped and they headed out at about 11.  The sun was out and it looked liked a sunny day ahead.  Since they didn't get an early start, they changed their plans and decided to go to Slide Lake.  It doesn't take as long to get there.

I sit here at the computer at 1:49 pm.   It has been raining here at the cabin now off and on now for more than two hours.  I hope that the guys are staying dry. 

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Cindy's Cache said...

Parker is such a thoughtful boy! Gotta love him ornery and all! Oh yes Miss Madi will find plenty to buy I'm sure! Too bad some of that rain couldn't move on down here and give you some sun! Enjoying the blog!