Monday, August 9, 2010

Highground Hideaway

After 14 hours of traveling and being cooped up in the car, the kids were so glad to reach our destination Saturday evening.  We arrived here at the Ranch about 5:30 CST.  They quickly went to exploring the area.  Not much had changed other than our location on the ranch.  As they were exploring they found a tree house.  You would think they had found a buried treasure.  They were so excited.  (please for those of you reading, don't mention to my father or Nanny that they are climbing this tree, they will freak)  The kids love it.  They both are getting really good at climbing for the short time we have been here so far.  Their only complaint is all the sap!  They have started a collection of pine cones and decided that the tree house was a good place to store them and keep them safe!

Did I say I didn't have much to share in my first webpost?  What was I thinking anyway?!!

 IMG_4065 IMG_4057

Madi has spent some time taking pictures and she wanted you to be able to see the view from the tree house. 


The view over our the top of our cabin. 


The pine cones.


Parker found all of these nails in the tree house and decided to nail them all in the wood so no one would step on them.  As if many people would climb the tree and step on the nails.  

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♥Georgie♥ said...

looks like they are having a great your photos!