Saturday, August 14, 2010

Living In Colorado? Could I?


Today has been the last day here in Colorado.  I love it here.  Lost Trail Ranch is currently up for sale.  I have done a lot of thinking today about possibilities for my future. (Maybe I should say our future)

Purchases, Relocation, Jobs, Money, etc.....

Could I relocate and live here?  Yes, I most definitely could.  Could I move here and survive?  Questionable.  I do love it here no question.  The rain, the coolness, even the cold and the snow wouldn't factor in on my decision.  I only ponder seriously about the kids and schooling.  The closest school here is oh let's say an hour and ten minutes.  Not really a possibility for a bus or driving them in everyday.  Home schooling?  I'm not sure if I would survive that. 

Today was an absolute beautiful day. No rain, no clouds, just a breeze and sunshine, all day long.  A nice 67 degrees for the high temperature.   Our friend, Laverne, and the two boys packed up and headed home to Shawnee, Ok.  They said that the temperature gauge read 32 degrees this morning, before packing to leave.  He said that the horses were shivering! And, ICE, yes I said ICE, everywhere.  On the grass and on the horses water.  So since they headed home, there goes Parker's ride.  So....he stayed here at the cabin with Madi, Tina, and I.  So... you see that my morning was not quiet and peaceful today.  Oh yes, the men did return but not until 2.  They only took a short ride.  Thank goodness, I was at my wits end by then.  It only takes a short time in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere, for me to lose my religion.  Oh please forgive me Lord.  I do love my children.  But it was a long morning.  This was the only day that both of the kids stayed here with me at the cabin.  I finally said, "Shoes on, coats on, you two ARE going outside."  Period.  No questions asked.  Don't drift out farther than you can hear me if I holler at you.  Of course, then again, why on earth would I call them back just to listen to arguing and fighting.  I decided since they were going out I also would go out.  So, I took my book and went out to sit on the deck.  Even though they were probably a full half-mile away I could still hear them.  Except their fighting changed to laughing and giggles.  Oh, how I love to hear them compromising and getting along.  What a wonderful echo of children's laughter in the wilderness.  They played and had a wonderful time.  (See, I do love them. I really do!)

After a short time, I called them and they came back to the cabin.  They had me walk around to the north side to show me what they had found.  As I walked around to see what they had found, Parker begins rolling this huge ball.  No, upon on second look it is a rock.  "Where did you find that" I said.  "Up the hill" .  "What are you going to do with it?"  "Take it home, mom, it is a geode!"  "Ok, fine, load it up." 

Souvenirs.  The best reminder of the trip!  I guess the geode will just have to be our little piece of Colorado, until I become independently wealthy, and purchase our own cabin. (Even if it is not a geode and turns out to be a big, plain rock.)


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Cindy's Cache said...

Too funny! Oh to be a mother! I used to think I could live there but not sure now because I get really tired of cold and I love shorts and flip-flops! Be safe and glad you had a good time!