Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Horseback Riding

After the guys got back their from ride from Twin Lakes, Chris decided to take Madison and I for a ride.  We rode north of the Lost Trail Ranch up in the mountain ridge to an area that Chris had seen the day before on another trail ride.  The area is a rock ledge.  It looks similar to rock formations I have seen before in caves.  The rocks have formed sort of a line and then some have pillars.  It is a very neat site.  We rode the horses up the mountain as far as we could.  And then we had to tie up and hike the rest of the way in order to get some good pictures.   Chris and Madison think that the rock formation looks like the top of a castle.  The first picture is from a distance.  The area we went to see is on the left of this picture. 

IMG_4240 IMG_4179

We took this picture after we got up closer to the ridge.  Don't look at this too close.  No electricity means no blow dryer or flat iron.  This is the roughing it look!  HAHA  We started hiking up to the ridge at the base of this tree line.  It didn't look to steep but after we got halfway up, I wasn't sure if I could go any further.  Neither up or down was too appealing.  IMG_4195

When we finally made it up to it, (Hallelujah!) the rocks almost look like someone had concreted all of this together.  It was really interesting.  Hope I'm not boring you all to death with this!  The color was also something rather different.  It looked green in color.  And when you touched it, it was almost the consistency of ash.  As you can see off in the distance of this next picture, we were very high here.  I could really tell from the lack of oxygen.  Madi kept asking why is it so hard to breath.  We tried explaining that the air is thinner.  And mostly because we are so out of shape.  Chris told her "yes, round is a shape but it doesn't help up here in the mountains. "  I laughed so hard after he said this and then I really couldn't breath.  


Not sure what the elevation is but let's just say high enough for this girl.  I was so thankful that I had a horse waiting on me at the bottom of the ridge if I can just make it back that far.

IMG_4196 IMG_4227

We stayed long enough to take several good pictures.  And the main thing was to stay long enough that I felt as if I wasn't going to die.  I don't think I would make it through the night and the thoughts of a rescue helicopter did cross my mind.  But how in the world would they find me up here?  


When I turned around to head down this is what I had to look at!  I really am not sure at this point if I am ready but a rain cloud was moving in on us, so rather that become all wet and soggy we headed back down.  Reluctantly, but I did it anyway.

We returned to our horses, thank the Lord they were where we left them.  My new trusty best friend, providing me a ride back down the mountain.  IMG_4219 IMG_4231

As we headed back, I couldn't resist these last few shots.  Providing my horse would stop long enough to take them.  Dusty realized that we were headed down and he knows he gets fed and rests at the bottom of the mountain.  It was a wonderful afternoon ride with Madison and Chris.  This is a Kodak moment. 

Thanks be to God.  He has been so good to me!


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