Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sibling Love

Parker and Madi both love living so close to the Elementary school.  We drove them to school for a couple of days and they walked for a few days.  They decided that it would be much easier to ride their bikes.   Riding the bikes was a great idea until Parker had a problem with his bike.  Chris tried to work on it and it seems that a bearing in the rear wheel went out.  To remedy the problem, Madison decided she would be helpful to Parker by giving him a ride.  I love to see them being so sweet to each other. 


This worked for a couple of days.  We decided that this might turn into a fight or worse, a wreck, so we got Parker an early birthday present.  We surprised him yesterday when he got home from school.  He loves it!  He is so happy to have wheels again. 


My kids are growing up way to fast!

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