Sunday, August 29, 2010

Peaches from Sentinel, Oklahoma

Friday, one of our customers from Sentinel brought us some peaches.  I was happy that she said I brought these for you and Cindy because fresh peaches are delicious.  I decided Saturday to make Bobby Flay's favorite peach cobbler.  I saw his wife make it once on Food Network.  Madison and Grammie were happy to help and started the water to boiling to blanch the peaches.  They got them all peeled, pitted and diced.  While they did that I got the crust together.  It turned out so yummy.  I forgot to take the picture before we ate it so, just so your mouth can water I will share the picture of after!  Not quiet so pretty. (Note:  none of the food I cooked this weekend is picture prepared.  Just real and delicious.  No contest could be won for how things look this time.)


Please remember mine does not in any way resemble the picture on the website.  Here is the link to the recipe.  Double Crusted Peach Cobbler


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