Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moving Day

Saturday, August 21, 2010, was a big day for the family.  Nanny (Winona, my grandmother) is all moved to the Integris Village, here in Cordell.  It is a very bittersweet time for us all.  Nanny is going to be 86 this November and decided that the big house in Mtn. View was just too much to handle.  I am so very happy to have her as my new neighbor.  We have always been close and I am so glad to be able to have her near me.  My mom, on the other hand, is sad that she isn't just up the street from her.  I will miss her house.  It has sentimental value.  Lots and lots of memories made there! 

Time marches on, I guess, and nothing is exempt from this is it?

We all got an early start Saturday at 7:00 am in order to avoid moving in the 100+ degree weather.  Wow, even that early it was hot!  We did make fast work of loading the U-haul.  We were loaded and left Mtn. View by 8:40.  We arrived to Cordell and unloaded all before 11:00.  Nanny was instructed to sit and direct all of the boxes and furniture.  This is a hard thing for her to do.  Sitting still is not her thing.  


Guess what my favorite part of the whole move was?


I may have missed my calling! 

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