Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5th Day of School

Most mothers would brag about the first day of school and post pictures of the kids at the doors of the school.  Not me,  I am a super dork!   Since we weren't here the first day we totally missed that one.  Then there is the rest of the story.   The third day of school, my children's first, I pack up the camera and we head to school. I get to the school and realize that the camera never made it to the car. I'll try again tomorrow.  The next day, being Tuesday, I'm so happy, headed down the street, camera in my hand, so I know for sure today, I am getting this picture of the kids at the school.  We get out of the car and the kids are like, "Mom, do you really have to do that?"  Yes, of course I do.  That is my job as a mom, to embarrass and harass.   Reluctantly they hurry to the front of the car where they are thinking no one can see them and they pose.  Cheese.  There we go, finally I got their picture on the first week of school.  Yeah for me.  I get home from work so anxious to look at the picture and blog all about how cute the kids are, how big they are getting, so on and so forth.  You know the drill.  At the very instant I get all excited about blogging, I realize that the SD memory card for my camera is in my computer.  I pull the camera up and take a look and guess what!  No picture card to store a picture on.  I missed the dang picture again.  Am I ever going to get this right?  I told you guys, I am a super dork.

Today is Wednesday, the kids 5th day of school.  And I finally did get there picture.  Not at the school, but hey, at this point I am glad to get any picture!


This morning Parker and Madi said "Mom are you going to take our picture everyday that we leave for school?"  "Of course,  I am documenting every step of your life, aren't you glad? " "Please mom, NO MORE PICTURES!"

What goes around, does in fact come around.  Huh mom?

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