Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soonerfest Soccer Tournament

Halloween took second place this weekend to soccer.  When I think about it just about everything from the first part of September is scheduled around soccer. 

The annual Soonerfest Tourn. was held on Oct. 30 and the Norman Youth Soccer Complex.    We started Saturday off with 4 games.  Madison's team went into the tournament undefeated.  Parker's team had a challenging season.  Moving up to U10 has given them a lot of areas to improve on.  They are a good little team, just have more to learn this season.  They did win against Hobart and Clinton during regular season so that is a great accomplishment.   

We had a great weekend.  Parker had some interesting things happen in his games.  One game got particularly rough and a boy jumped on Parker on the field.  He tackled him down and was pounding him.  And why do I love this sport?  I'm not sure.  The boy was red carded and wasn't able to play the rest of the game.  I think Parker was actually just playing fair in this case but not so much in the game on Sunday.  He was the one that was yellow carded.


Madison's team won both of the games on Saturday and also won their game Sunday morning to move on to the finals game that afternoon.  Sunday turned out to be a great day for soccer.  Madison's team won and placed first in the tournament. 


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