Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Because

Chris loves cake so much I think sometimes he thinks about getting married again just to have wedding cake.  I know he doesn't really want another wife. The one he has is probably hard enough to deal with. Hah  He loves white cake with white frosting.  I shouldn't say just white frosting.  There is a certain type that he prefers.  I think it is just the Wilton Buttercream.  It may even be made with Crisco, who knows but you know the stuff.  The amazing white cake icing that you get from the bakery.  The chain store white icing doesn't count or qualify if you are Chris.  It has to be the good stuff.  So after we had Paula's birthday and Jarrett's birthday I decided he was special enough to deserve a special surprise.  Two birthday's and he said he only got a single piece of cake!   If you know Chris you see that this is a funny statement.  One piece for him is usually as big as several pieces to the rest of us.I called the cake maker Christina and asked her to make up a cake for Chris.  She asked if it was his birthday and I said nope, this is just because.  Just because........I am hard to live with......I can be a witch.......I love my husband...........He deserves something to smile about........I know that this cake is his very favorite and I am to busy to make it myself.  So Just Because.  Isn't that something to celebrate?  It is for Chris!



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