Monday, November 8, 2010

Salt Plains Deer Hunting Trip

November 5th-7th, 2010


Every year the state of Oklahoma has a special drawing for areas in the Wildlife Management Areas that are only hunted if you are drawn in.  Chris and his buddies put their names in the drawing and just wait to see if they get a chance to go.  There are several details that I don't understand about all of the draw.  They gain preference points and have better odds the more times they put in for the draw.  Blah, blah, blah.....  Anyway, they were drawn this year for a hunt in the north part of the state close to Jay, Oklahoma.  Chris said that the Salt Plains is a very interesting area.  A must see for all in the state.   I'm hoping that he takes the kids and I there this spring to dig for salt crystals.  He and Corey both got their deer quota, a doe and buck.  

Their aren't too many areas for them to stay near the Salt Plains so they decided to camp.  Roughing it for three whole days.  Not really my thing for full weekend but something happens to my husband when deer season opens. 



I call it deer fever.  He absolutely looses his mind.  All logical thought process is disturbed by the though to antlers. They get all pumped up and crazy.  The words of a TV hunter...BBD....Big Buck Down, Baby. This must be said in a low, growling voice with just the right enthusiasm.  If you haven't ever heard this, let me just say that I am sure that your missing out!  LOL All in all they had a really good time and enjoyed the male bonding time together!

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