Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

This weekend was very eventful. My mother-in-law, Paula, came from Texas to visit. We spent most of Saturday at soccer. We managed to get in
a little shopping in Clinton once the kids games were over though.

Sunday we had some fun time carving pumpkins. The kids had never done this before. They just couldn't understand where the pumpkin pie comes into the picture. After opening up the pumpkin to find all the strings and seeds they were grossed out. Neither one of them would stick their hands down in the pumpkin to clean it out. Although when I suggested throwing out all of the pulp and seeds Madison about cried. She's my drama queen deluxe. I can't wait for the teenage years. I know they are going to be so much fun. Madi insisted that we roast the pumpkin seeds like Mrs. Russell did in 2nd grade. She called Michelle to get her recipe. We used salt, pepper, garlic powder and a little garlic salt and baked them at 350 until they browned. We cooked them a little long. The seeds were really crunchy but the kids loved them. The two of them working together in the kitchen is a priceless moment. They were calling themselves chefs. There are times that they are so cute. Someone remind me of this from time to time. Don't get me wrong I adore my children. There are just times I'm ready to pull my hair out. Kids can make you crazy like that.

Our pumpkins turned out really cute. The kids put candles in them and put them on the porch. Parker is hoping that people that trick-or-treat are scared by them. I tried gently to let him know that they weren't too scary but he still believes that they will be scared.

Madison and Parker are both really excited for Halloween. I myself dread it. Tons of candy, a costume, and walking from house to house in the cold. Halloween is my least favorite holiday. Parker is dressing up as Daniel Boone and Madi is going to be a princess. I'll be sure and post pictures of them on Halloween.


Life is all about PINK said...

Looks like so much fun! My roomates and I are carving pumpkins tonight and I hope I know how. Mom doesn't believe me when I tell her she only let us carve pumpkins 1 time because she thought it was too messy! :) You guys did a good job and hey maybe Parker will get lucky and it will scare someone.

Cindy's Cache said...

Looks like lots of fun and as you can see I missed that moment with my kids!!! As we speak the girls are carving and I am working! What's wrong with that! Guess Mindy is making up for lost time! The future chefs look like they are having fun!

Lori said...

You guys are such a cute family! The pumpkins look great!