Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun on Fall Break

This year for fall break we had a big camping trip planned. As my luck goes, we were rained out. Its funny how God works things out sometimes. Because of all the rain during the first part of the week it was going to be a muddy mess and we decided to head to the mountains. Wednesday we called and made reservations at a lodge in Red River, New Mexico and headed out as soon as school let out. The kids were so disappointed when they awoke Wednesday to rain drops and wind. It was so sad to see their little faces. When we picked them up at school they wanted to know what we were going to do since we couldn't go camping. All we told them was that we were going somewhere they had never been before. They were so excited then. They started playing the ever so frequent game of 21 questions. Who? What? When? Where? How far? They were so cute. I just love to surprise them. It nearly drove them crazy. Us too! Finally after much contemplation, they gave up and fell asleep only to wake in the mountains with snow on the ground. Red River had received the first snow of the 2008 season on Tuesday that week. It was 29 degrees that night when we finally got there. The kids couldn't believe it. The next day we went hiking in the mountains. We had so much fun. The trees were turning and the air was so crisp and clean. I just love the pine scent. I forgot how quiet and serene the mountains are.

Nature is something that I feel too many take for granted. God created some very spectacular sights. The last picture of our trip that I just couldn't resist adding to this blog is the one of the water running down the inside of the tree. Its in Cimmeron Canyon, which is between Cimmeron and Eagles Nest. I'm not sure how long this has been there but I know for sure that it has been there at least 30 years. It is a very special place for me. As a kid we went to Red River several summers. Many times I would see this log and hope to stop and see it up close. The first time I was able to stop I was with my nanny (Winona). She thought that this was one of the neatest things. I am so glad that I was able to share this with her and now I have had the chance to share this with my family.


Mindy said...

Your blog looks great! I'm glad you and mom are catching on to the trend. Maybe when the house remodeling is done and I have a little more to blog about then dust clogging filters and my mental break downs I'll pick mine back up. Looks like you guys had a fun trip! Madison and Parker are so cute!

Cindy said...

I love your blog and you once again have inspired me! We love you guys and glad you had a great vacation!