Monday, October 20, 2008

Trip to the Wichita Mtn. Refuge

Saturday after soccer, Chris and I went to the Wichita Mtn. Refuge with Mike and Cindy. We signed up for a Bugleing Elk tour. But just as my luck would have it, no Elk within camera distance. It never fails, every time I go with Chris hunting the same thing happens. The wind picks up and we see nothing. We did see a few elk with binoculars but nothing up close. The wind was howling and it had the elk on high alert. The refuge, however, was beautiful. We had a wonderful time in the outdoors. The highlight of the trip for me was the trees in the photo. This group of trees was planted in perfect rows. No matter which way you look they line up. Growing up close to the refuge I've been by this tree group too many times to count but today I actually walked out in them. It was awe inspiring.
We did see buffalo. They were out and about, roaming all over the place. Such an odd looking animal. Not a care in the world. The bus didn't even bother them much. We actually had to stop and wait for them to move. The four of us really enjoyed our time there and plan on doing it again sometime. I am just hoping for less wind the next time around.

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CC said...

Isn't the Refuge an Oklahoma Treasure! I love your picture of the tree rows. I'm hoping to take Mom there soon for an autumn road trip; where can we see these trees? A few years ago our family stopped for a cook-out at Boulder, one of our favorite spots. Something rustling behind us got our attention as we stood around the grill. We turned and everyone froze as a herd of buffalo came trampling through just a few feet away. What a spectacular, albeit scary at the moment, surprise.