Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Costumes

As promised, a picture of the kids on Halloween. Parker really has to act like the character anytime he dresses up. Madi was a little upset that Parker was being so dramatic about the picture. She kept making me take it over. She'd say mom Parker is getting in my way.
Parker really loves to dress the part anytime he does anything. This summer for Pee Wee Baseball he had to have the black under his eyes. Just like the pros. We have to have batting gloves. They are a must. He says they will help him to hit a home run. For playing football in the yard he needs pads, a helmet, and a jersey. He is very serious about all things. I just laugh at him. It's so cute.
Madison loves to dress up too. She just isn't as particular as Parker.

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Life is all about PINK said...

How Cute! I love the acting Parker brings with the costume!