Friday, October 24, 2008

P-Bar Farms Field Trip

Oh what fun we have on field trips! I went with Parker's class to P-Bar Farms east of Weatherford on Wed. We went out to a pumpkin patch and picked our very own pumpkin. They were all small, the perfect size for the kids. I had a lot of fun, although it was a rather strange day. On many of the field trips I have been on, the teachers have a planned itinerary. It is followed to the letter. Which for the most part is a good thing. But not this one. The day was very low key , other than the 25 screaming kids. Not once did I see the teachers scrambling to do a head count.

They had a wonderful time despite the dreary weather that moved in Tuesday night. Just a few rain sprinkles the whole day. P-Bar Farms was a really neat field trip. They actually had lots of interesting things for the kids planned. They have really spent time in making the farm appropriate for young school age children. They have a train and an inflatable slide, which the kids see as the best thing since sliced bread. (I just couldn't pass up this cliche. My nanny uses it and I always laugh when she does.) They also gave a presentation on wind power and solar power. This was all a little more than the kids could grasp but very interesting for the adults. The Weatherford area has approximately 90 wind turbines and to my surprise none of that electricity is used in Oklahoma. They said that all of that energy produced is used in Florida. This is really strange to me. It seems like they would use more energy/electricity getting the power generated to Florida than they produce. But, I don't guess what I think is too important. Anyway, we all had a good time.

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