Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deer Season

My husband is so very excited this week because, the rut is here! Some of you may be asking what is that. Well as the wife of an avid deer hunter I confess I did have to learn a few things about this. The rut is the time of mating for deer. I know your next question is what's that got to do with hunting them. Well, it causes the deer to move around more increasing the chance for shooting a monster buck.
I know, I know, it really is too much for me too. I don't like hunting. I have tried to get involved some. It is something that only the male gender of my family are interested in at the time. My son is as crazy about it as Chris. I just don't enjoy something that requires me to
#1. get up early, #2. be cold, and most importantly, #3. be extremely quiet. I find that most difficult at times. I am a talker. Or as I would say, I was born to communicate with others.
Chris has taken us all out in the deer blind once. I stopped to think about it and no, its twice. And I must admit that both times were uneventful. No deer is what I mean by that. Because getting two children out in a tent asking them to sit still and be quiet is truly an event. I think the whole idea for Chris is for it to be a family thing but I don't think that it's going to happen. Madi is alot like me. She doesn't see any reason hunt. We both have other things that we would rather do. I love family time, but I don't want to mix that with hunting.
This weekend seems to be a really big deal. Gun season opens, maybe I should say rifle. Not sure, oh well, its all just hunting to me but I'll keep you posted if Chris "gets a big one!"

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Life is all about PINK said...

I admire you for trying!! Never in a million years would I give that sport any sort of a chance too cold, too early, too many posibilites to see snakes or bugs or spiders etc etc etc....