Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Women of Faith

This past weekend, Misty, Lisa and I all went to the Women of Faith Conference at the OKC Ford Center. We met other friends there from my hometown church in Mountain View. We always have a really good time and this one was no different.
My favorite speaker is usually Patsy. She has us laughing till we cry. But this year I enjoyed all of the speakers. There is usually one that isn't as funny as the others. Someone has to be serious, but they were all really comical and funny. I love to hear the stories about their lives. They all have such a way of story telling. The music wasn't just good this year it was AWESOME! Nicole C. Mullen performed Friday night and it was truly moving. I have never felt this way in response to a musical performance. She had everyone up and moving literally. And there was also Sandi Patty and Mandina. They were great too! I just loved the performance by Sandi and her husband. I don't remember the name of the song but it was another moving performance. Her husband's part was in another language, so I have no idea was he was saying but the two of them singing together was a tear jerker. I've never understood why anyone would enjoy opera because it's in a different language but now I understand. It was Wonderful!

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