Monday, May 18, 2009

Signs of Summer


Its not long after the first warm days of May before it feels like summer here in Oklahoma.  It seems just as quickly as spring arrives it disappears.  The kids are always so very anxious for these days to come.  Swimming, of any kind, is their favorite summer activity.  Before May passes by,  they talk my parents into putting up the pool.  It's not a fancy one but grand nevertheless.  The kids were begging all evening Friday, "Please, Nana, Can't we please put up the pool?".  My mom's response was this and I quote, "When we have had a week full of 80 degree weather we will, I promise." 

Sunday after church, when Chris and I pull up to my parents house, what do I see first?   Yep, you got it, the pool was already in progress.  It never fails.  Nana caves.  I laugh in saying this because she says that is a grandparents purgative.  She delights in her grandchildren, and I am so grateful for that. 

While patiently waiting for the pool to fill the boys decided to practice up on their baseball.  Parker insists on teaching Jarrett the how to's of the game.  Whether Jarrett listens, we will never know. 

 IMG_0929.01  IMG_0953.01

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