Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day


Chris knows how much I love fresh flowers.  He and the kids surprised me with tulips on Friday at work.  They are so beautiful.  The kids also made me gifts at school.  I think these are two of my favorite gifts to date.  I love that they are able to express their individual creativity in a gift.  They were so excited for me to open them up.   They both put so much thought into it.  Madi wanted me to be able to look at the plate from any way and be able to read something.  So you have to turn the plate to read it.  She said that she put   TO:  Cathy,  because if she put mom it could go to just anyone.  And that is the name she will probably need to call me later when she is an adult!!  Kids say some of the funniest things.  Parker's on the other hand needed a little more description in order to understand the picture.  This is his explanation.  We are all snorkeling and he is the one in the water at the bottom of the picture.  Madi is in the middle.  The circles are all of the bubbles in the water.   I thought this was a really cute picture.  All of these were really great gifts.  Saturday night we discovered that we had a leak in our hot water heater.  After this, we had to turn off our water.  Until this happens, you don't realize what a what a blessing modern conveniences are.  In order to get to our hot water tank, we had to move the up-right freezer.  We decided to move it to the carport shed in order to provide more room for a shelving unit in the laundry room.  Cleaning out the carport and shed was then on the agenda for the day!   Not exactly how I wanted to spend my day but I did get to spend it with my most wonderful husband!  As we spent the morning cleaning, I was thinking about what a wonderful team we make. I would sweep and pile up all the leaves and then as I held the trash bag he would pile them in.  We finished it all up and were able to have dinner as a family.  Paula was here and made dinner for us.  She made Mexican casserole and refried beans.  It turned out to be a wonderful day.  I thank the Lord for what he has given me!  A beautiful mother, the best listening nanny, a loving mother-in-law,  a sister to laugh with, my best friend, Chris, and two of the most wonderful children! 


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Lisa said...

Thank you for your kind comment. I felt like such a baby, the salesman must have thought I was such a baby. I've never had a vehicle speak to me like that one did. The moment I laid my eyes on her 8 years ago...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. My poor mom had to work so I fixed supper for her. A little lacking, but she didn't have to do a thing, so hopefully that was good. Have a great week!!