Sunday, May 24, 2009

End of School Camping Trip

Thursday after work, we packed up and headed to the lake for a campout. The kids love it when we go camping. I love it too, with a few small stipulations. No wind, that is the first and most important one. If the wind is blowing too much it causes the tent to make lots of noise, which impairs my ability to sleep. I can not go without sleep. I require rest and without it no one wants to be around me. The other thing that is important for me is the temprature. It must be a reasonable temprature for me to sleep outside. Considering these things, I love camping. But most of all I love smores. This is my favorite part of a camping. I love the campfire and being outdoors, but the smores make it all worth it. We have decided to make this an annual event and to try every year to campout as an end of school celebration.

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Life is all about PINK said...

I love smores too! My favorite part about summer! I prefer them in my backyard so I can sleep in my own bed afterwards though! :)