Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cake Decorating


For the end of the soccer season, our coach always plans a parent-kid soccer game.  This year they also had a sleepover.  At the sleepover they had fun decorating their own cake. Their coach is much braver than I am.   They enjoyed it and most of them stayed clean!  Watching the kids decorate tells so much about their individual personalities.  Parker was so meticulus.  He made sure to get the icing just right.  He worked very slow and careful.  Madi on the other hand just got right to it.  She didn't take time to think before she started working.  She just dove right into decorating.  Parker's cake was a picture of a boat with some sort of flag.  He really surprised me in how careful he was.  I don't think that he had a drop of icing out of place.  And he didn't even get any on himself.


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Life is all about PINK said...

Very cute! Looks like Parker is missing some teeth :)