Monday, May 16, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning is typically a really early morning. This year is the first time that the kids didn't wake us up before sunrise. Amazing! We actually slept til 8. Which in turn means that my kids are growing up! This makes me sad and a little nostalgic. I love Christmas mornings! The celebration of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a time of love, family, and celebration.

This picture is from 2009 Christmas morning. We spent it with family at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was a fun Christmas just a little strange to be in the water, swimming after just driving through the biggest blizzard in years. The kids loved it!

The last two pictures are from 2007. See this is what happens when I blog. I spend more time looking at old pictures and get a little sidetracked and off the subject. Madison was in love with Troy that year, she was so happy to have the High School Musical movies. Parker is showing off his new pj's.
He wasn't so excited about clothes, kids never are. He would rather be opening toys. Ignore the wild hair in the background of the picture. That is the hair of some crazy lady that lives in our house! She doesn't do mornings, trust me I know her well!! Ok, ok. Enough with reminiscing. Move on already. On to the next post.

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