Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Lessons

1.  When buying a house, make sure when you take possession that you have a key for every door.

2. Don't hurry.  When you hurry, you can forget some things causing you to waste time making more than one trip to do one task.

How I learned these lessons, all in one days events. 

Today was a crazy day at work.  Not only do I deal with the normal everyday stuff that goes on, but today, I had to deal with my heathen children!  About 3:45 this afternoon, Madison calls me and says, "Mom, Parker locked me out!"  I was very busy, several customers were waiting on their prescriptions.  I tell her I'll call you right back, I have people waiting on me, I'm sorry, stay where you are I'll deal with this in a minute!.  I know, I know, I shouldn't put my kids after work, but when you have all these people standing around, you have to deal with them or else.  So after the crowd clears, I head straight to the house to deal with the next pressing issue, MY CHILDREN!!   When I drive up I see that there are several sodas on the porch but no children.  I look around and spot that there bikes are at the village.  I proceed to the front door, and sure enough the screen door is locked.  I go the the door in the garage next, yep you got it, it's locked too!  So, I go back to the car to retrieve the keys, assuming I have a key for the doors.   You know what the old saying is about assumption, guess what?  I don't have a key for either of the doors.  I look around the garage for any tool to break in to my own house.  Nothing.  I can't find anything.  And thanks to Dave, I have no credit cards to break in.  At this point, I must stop and ask the Lord and my neighbors to forgive me, because I did do a little yelling.  I am so mad at this point.  I have now wasted twenty minutes trying to break into my own house.  I want to scream, well maybe I did.  When Grammie arrives to the house, I get a card from her.  She had an insurance card, at least it is good for something.  Finally, I was able to break in and get back to work.  As I hurried out of the pharmacy, Chris asked me to stop buy the Co-op while I was out.   I head right over to get the horse feed.  I am on a mission.  I get there and realize that in my hurry, I left my purse at the Pharmacy.  I can't even pay for the feed.  I am so mad and embarrassed at this point.  I go back to work and decide to try the Co-op again later. 


Cara said...

Umm so where were ur children? I got a little confused. I thought Parker locked Madison out?

Cathy said...

Parker did lock her out. Thing is he locked everyone out including himself! We were all locked out and they had rode their bikes to the village to call me!