Thursday, August 13, 2009

God's Creatures


Nature is alive in the Valley!  Hummingbirds, Stellar Blue Jays, Chipmunks and of course Horses.  I'm in heaven.  The mares had two colts within the last month or so and they are adorable.  You can't imagine how tame they are.  Their names are Elf and Cricket.

Elf is the darker one, he is about two weeks old.  Cricket is the rusty brown one and he is about 5 weeks old.  I am so sad that  tomorrow is our last day.  Time here is definitely different.  It is so serene.  I wonder if I could just adapt to a different life style and just stay here.  No pressures, no phone ringing, no television blaring.  Life here is so simple. I find it hard to imagine going back to the world we live in after a week here.  I understand why people come here and never want to leave.  


Cindy's Cache said...

So glad you have a the solitude and relaxing time! Sounds like you and the critters have bonded! I always get sad when vacation is over and back to the rat race! Espcially when I was in your shoes! Our line used to be "Are you ready to buy a T-shirt shop and move to the mountains?" Sounds like you are ready but please don't! Ha!

Life is all about PINK said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! From all of the Stowers's children PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT buy a t-shirt shop and move to the mountains! :)