Monday, August 17, 2009

Cowgirls and Cowboys


Madi and Parker are just loved the mountains.  They are both begging for dad to buy them both a horse.

Neither one of them had even spent much time around horses until about three weeks ago.  But to see them with the horses now is so different.  Chris even looks like he fits right in to the ranch lifestyle, well kind of.  You wouldn't know it to see him at work but he really did fit right in on the Lost Trail Ranch by the end of the week. 

Madi was just working so hard to show Chris that she could take care of a horse.  Walking, brushing, and helping to saddle the horses.  One evening she even put Dusty in hobbles all by herself.  She was so proud.  She left the poop scooping to Parker, Chris, and I though.  She said that it really should just stay where it is!  She said it doesn't hurt the ground, "It's just good fertilizer!". 

Maybe there is a chance for a horse in the future!  We'll see!

IMG_2302 IMG_2127

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