Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where's the Beef?



Not a question heard frequently here!!   Meer's is a famous country restaurant.  Well....restaurant may be a stretch.  Diner...I should say... Nah..... Really it's just some off the wall place set in the Wichita Mountains in Southwest Oklahoma.  It originally started as the local post office, I think that is right.  All I know is that as a kid growing up we never waited in line here.  We would just park and walk right in.  People did actually still get their mail here too.    Now, things have changed quit a bit.  They have built on twice.   The wait has definitely increased.  I think that there is always a line.   People will drive from all over to eat here.   The thing that they are most known for is the Meer's Burger.  Served up in an old fashioned pie tin.



Yep....It is that big.  And delicious to boot.   They actually use Longhorn cattle beef, which is so lean.  So lean I'm sure that they classify as healthy.  (said joking...haha)   If you get a chance be sure to visit.  Not the cleanest or nicest place you could dine in Oklahoma but it qualifies for the most authentic country diner.


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Cindy's Cache said...

Oh there is none like it and the cobbler! Makes me hungry!