Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My baby goes to church camp!


Last week Madison went to CKBA church camp.  This is the first time she has been away from us for an extended time period without other family around.  I was so sad.  She on the other hand wasn't.  She acted a little sad on Sunday, but come Monday she was set to go.  When we got to the church she hardly had time to take a few pictures with the family.IMG_1179

Parker wanted so badly to give her a hug and kiss!  Madi was not having any part of this especially with all her friends watching! 


Since she was going to be gone, Parker decided to go the Texas and spend the week with Paula.  I can't believe that the week went by without even the least bit of time to blog about all of this.  Both kids gone and I didn't know how to manage all of my free time.  No baths to give, no laundry piling up, no one fighting.  It was a strange week.  Parker was such a big boy too!  I can't believe that either one of them are old enough to be gone from us for that long.   Time flies.  Friday came around and I just couldn't wait to pick her up and to get to Tx. to see Parker.   Madi made me so proud.  She ran right to me and hugged me.  These moments are priceless.  Then she shared with me the good news that she gave her heart the the Lord while at camp.  This is a big step and makes me so happy. 

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Cindy's Cache said...

What a blessing! Savor each moment they pass by so quickly! I loved that camp as a kid and so did all of our children! A special place!