Monday, April 27, 2009

Oklahoma Science Museum

IMG_0557 IMG_0555 The last month has been a fun month for our family.  The kids were out of school two different Fridays.  Two weeks ago, we all went to OKC to the Oklahoma Science Museum.  I thought it was called the Omniplex.  I guess everything must be updated.  The new and improved society we live in doesn't overlook anything.  Even the museums must change to adapt. 

We had a wonderful time. I went a year ago and was afraid that it would all be the same, but just as the change of name, lots of things inside had changed.  There were lots of new things to see and tinker with.  The weather center has a new feature,  a tube that encloses and allows you to experience 78mph winds.  I think most of us feel that living in western OK, we experience this on a regular basis.  We also toured the Pirates and Treasures area.  It was really interesting to see all of the artifacts that had been recovered from shipwrecks.  I think the kids favorite part remains the same, the indoor tree house with the spiral slide.    I must confess, it's mine too!  It brings out the kid in all of us. 

 IMG_0564IMG_0547 IMG_0551 IMG_0568

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