Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Time

Some of my favorite memories are from nights when we all sit down to dinner.  Chris always likes to ask the kids and I about our high and low.  We share our favorite time and worst time of the day.  Lots of family discussion comes from our time at the dinner table. 
Last night as we sat down to eat, Parker was sharing about his days events.  He was so talkative we had to stop him in order to pray. 

He was telling us about seeds from the watermelon, and how things grow and he told us that the class was hatching eggs.  He told us that the class checked each egg carefully.  The used a light to shine in the back of the eggs.  He said that some of them were green and some red.  What the significance of color is I am not sure.  Then he said that each of the eggs was place in the hydrator.  We all know that is not the name.  Chris and I just laughed.  The real name of the contraption is an incubator.  He just kept explaining how the hydrator turns the eggs so that they stay warm on all sides.  He was so excited about all of this and was so cute. 

I wish I had started blogging a long time ago to record all of the events of our life.  This was such a cute story I just had to share.  IMG_0723


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Cindy's Cache said...

Too cute! The wonder of spring in especially in the eye's of a child! What sweet memories at dinner! Love you guys!