Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Reading


I love to read.  I always have some type of book with me.  I usually read fiction.  Sometimes I read other stuff, but mostly fiction.  I decided recently that I would try something different.  I would try reading the 100 Greatest Books.   The list is made up of several books that I have heard of but never  took the time to read.  In high school and English Lit. in college we were always reading books to write reports on. They always had us reading something for education purposes.  I never enjoyed this reading nearly as much.

The first book off of the list that I read was Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.  I really don't want to offend anyone or ruin anyone's day.  It is strictly my opinion, but I didn't care for this book.  I read it to see what happens in the end, to find out what happened to the main characters.  I don't know what makes this one of the 100 Greatest Books.

I'm not a literary expert so maybe I am missing something.   I have moved on now to reading Anna Karenina.  Maybe I need instruction.  Who knows.   It is a little different than what I expected.  I have carried it around for too long, but I will finish it.  Even if is seems like torture.  I really had the intention of reading all of the 100.  But after the first two, I may not make it.  I may go back to reading the fun stuff instead of all the serious books.

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Cindy's Cache said...

You go girl!!! I thought I might join you on this challenge but too many other things I want to read now! Hang in there!